Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Are My Ears Bleeding

Oh, He speaks again...

Update: He Does Drone On...

Thank God: " God Bless America "

That means it's Fucking Over!!!

America will soon be free again.

Oh double fuck me! Tweety is offering his analysis.

Just let Olbermann do it the next time.

Update 2: He's signing fucking autographs. Like Brittany

A Retard Rock Star,

Ain't we glad he ran our country for the last 8 fucking years?

Chris "Tweety" Matthews offering awed, manly righteous respect for this piece of shit.

Yes, Tweety, Clinton's did it! Fuckhead..... 'And Reagan was teh Awesome", 25 years ago, while he was sleeping.

MSNBC: Kill 2 birds with one stone. Tucker Carlson and Tweety Matthews, "Together where ever they go....". Let 'em go down on one ship.

OK, I can hear my mother now going; "You can catch more flies with honey." That's just the kinda shit that got us into Iraq (Gloriously, Forever!).

Tweety was humbly speaking about how bad the Prez blew it, and then all of a sudden he got his mancrush up on McCain... His voice literally jumped an octave and quavered for a second.

This is the peoples who tells us no-nothings how to think (and vote). Fuckhead!

Final analysis: Again, Number One Retard, I ask: Where's the "Iraq? OOPS. my bad."

Fuck me even more, MSNBC brings on TIMMEH! Russert, Turd Supreme!


Boston_Betty said...
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Boston_Betty said...

I watched South Park and am now watching Scrubs on the Comedy Network. I absolutely refuse to watch the doushebag and am doing my part to make sure that his last State of the Union address goes down as one of the least watched in U.S. history! It would be a fitting footnote for this contemptible prick!

Gunga Dean said...


ok, now it's perfect

Gunga Dean said...

OK. I'm Done Now. Toast, actually.

The Rug Goth said...

BB- you go girl! We did the same thing.

Truth be told though... I can't think of a State of the Union since Ronald Reagan which WAS worth listening to. They're all about as painful and lame as George Will or Dennis Miller getting into the existential aspects of baseball, or Dr. Phil talk about... anything!

Its not the scripted, focus group tested, predigested stuff the pols say which counts... its what happens when they actually have to think with their own minds, stand on their own feet, use their own spine.

The Rug Goth said...

Oh wow, how can I have missed your sweeeeeeeeeeet South Park refernce, GD. "Living a lie, living a lie.... TIMMEH!"

Maybe were we all on ritalin, we could watch the States of the Union speeches AND become Phil Collins fans.

μη γνοιτω (me gnoito)!

Gunga Dean said...

They've taking to referring to Russert South Park style as "TIMMEH" on the intertubes everytime he softballs a Republican, meanwhile Clintonizing Democrats

val said...

How can Bush give a State of the Nation address - he is the state of the nation, isn't he? A damn poor state.