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the neph is kewl!

Peter's Home for Christmas...

I'm sure we all remember this long running Folger's Coffee commercial. It first broadcast in the early 80s and I believe the last time I saw it televised was last Christmas. Peter was such a hunk, too!!!!

Peter was actually played by an actor named Greg Wrangler, who has appeared in many TV shows and films, most recently, I believe, Heroes.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Liberal Response to Aforementioned, "Thank you, Sarah Palin!"

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Anthony Clark's stand up routine...

I saw him live in 1997...biggest crush I ever had on a comedien! And, he's 'family' don't ya know! You may remember him for 'Yes, Dear' and the short-lived 'Boston Common.' Born in Virginia, Anthony attended college in Boston at Emerson College! (If I'd only known...sigh*)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Protest videos..Part 2

I saw myself in this a couple of times and I think I saw Catie and Snark as well, but the video is very dark and jiggly.

The Cinemark Plot Thickens ... or ... How Alan Stock Shamelessly Flaunts His Height of Hypocrisy ...


This ... from Friday's New York Times (click here for entire article) ...

LOS ANGELES — When the movie “Milk” comes next month to Claremont, a college town about 30 miles from here, Patrick Milliner intends to greet it with a candlelight vigil protesting the newly passed state prohibition of gay marriage.

Before this month’s election, Mr. Milliner organized unsuccessful opposition to California’s same-sex marriage ban, Proposition 8. Now he expects the movie, about Harvey Milk, the murdered gay-rights crusader and San Francisco supervisor, to ignite his “Shame on 8” campaign.

“It fits perfectly with the plan,” Mr. Milliner said.

That may be good for the movement. Whether it is also good for the movie is less clear.

The convergence of “Milk,” which portrays gay-rights battles of 30 years ago, and a looming new culture war over homosexual marriage and other issues, has raised unusual expectations around Focus Features’ plan to release the film. It will be shown in a widening group of theaters, beginning with some in New York, Los Angeles and about a dozen other cities on Wednesday.

Proposition 8-related vigils have already occurred outside prerelease screenings in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Amy Balliett, a founder of, a clearing house for gay rights information, said on Friday that her site would urge its network of supporters to see the film on Dec. 5 at one of a list of “gay-friendly” theaters.

“Our goal is to make this movie one of the top three-grossing movies of the weekend,” Ms. Balliett said in an e-mail message.

Yet the unforeseen alignment between “Milk” and the gay-marriage ban — there was no Proposition 8 on any ballot when the director Gus Van Sant began shooting the film in January — also creates a conundrum for those Focus executives. How do they honor their movie hero’s feisty brand of confrontational politics without being consumed by them?

To join the fight could turn off some of the viewers Focus needs to make “Milk” a broad-based hit. But to sidestep it might disappoint a core audience that has begun to see the film as a rallying point.

Mr. Milk, played in the movie by Sean Penn, was not one to pull punches. “If this thing passes, fight the hell back!” Mr. Penn says at a pivotal point in the film, as his allies ponder the likely passage of Proposition 6, a 1978 ballot initiative aimed at curbing gay rights in California. (It failed.)

But Focus has been stepping carefully of late.

In a particularly ticklish exercise, the studio continues to plan showings of “Milk” in theaters owned by the Cinemark chain, whose chief executive, Alan Stock, donated to the campaign for Proposition 8.

Taking a cue from Milk — who made his political breakthrough by supporting a union boycott of Coors beer — opponents of the marriage ban have begun their own boycott through a Web site,

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Cinemark, one of the country’s largest theater chains, said its decision to proceed with plans to show the movie also reflected a principle: “It would be inappropriate to influence our employees’ position on personal issues outside the work environment, especially on political, social or religious activities.”

On Thursday James Schamus, the chief executive of Focus, struck a diplomatic note. “I know there’s a lot of anger out there,” said Mr. Schamus, who noted that Cinemark three years ago was among the first chains to embrace the studio’s gay-themed “Brokeback Mountain.”

“I hope that gets settled,” he said of the boycott call.

Last Night's Protest at the Century Theatre in Evanston

Thanks to Catie and Snark for their attendance as well! We done good!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Focus on the Family: Who Would Jesus Fire?

Bush has the 'Cooties!'

All pretense aside, the world's leaders simply do not like George W. Bush! Gosh, do you think that unlike too many Americans, they actually realize that his 'cowboy diplomacy' and hyper-Republicanism pushed the U.S. and the world to where it is today?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CT State Comptroller Nancy Wyman Makes the Cause for Gay Marriage

(This is CT State Comptroller Nancy Wyman in a public hearing talking about gay marriage - watch the part after her statement. She has a Q&A with two Republicans who try the "slippery slope" argument, the "what about polygamists" argument and all the nonsense that the opponents of same sex marriage like to toss around. She handles it with so much dignity and grace that these guys just crumble.)

Well done!

Shepard Smith is Too Good for Faux News!

I expect Mr. Smith to get a job with a REAL network very soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wanda Sykes: "We were attacked!"

From 28 to 104: What a DIFFERENCE a YEAR Makes!

Today the Associated Press reported that yesterday, 104 retired U.S. generals and admirals signed a statement calling for the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy with regards to gays and lesbians serving in the United States military.

"As is the case with Great Britain, Israel, and other nations that allow gays and lesbians to serve openly, our service members are professionals who are able to work together effectively despite differences in race, gender, religion, and sexuality," the officers wrote.

Wow. Blown away. That means there are 104 intelligent (albeit retired) generals and admirals in the U.S. I'm kinda verklempt. Remember, it was just a year ago that only 28 such distinguished individuals were willing to sign on the dotted line.

Now here's the potential downside, per the A.P.'s report:

While Obama has expressed support for repeal, he said during the presidential campaign that he would not do so on his own - an indication that he would tread carefully to prevent the issue from becoming a drag on his agenda. Obama said he would instead work with military leaders to build consensus on removing the ban on openly gay service members.

"Although I have consistently said I would repeal 'don't ask, don't tell,' I believe that the way to do it is make sure that we are working through a process, getting the Joint Chiefs of Staff clear in terms of what our priorities are going to be," Obama said in a September interview with the Philadelphia Gay News.

Nevertheless, Retired Admiral Charles Lawson, who has a lesbian daughter, had some encouraging things to say (in addition to being one of the 104):

"I know a lot of young people now - even people in the area of having commands of ships and squadrons - and they are much more tolerant, and they believe, as I do, that we have enough regulations on the books to enforce proper standards of human behavior," Larson said.

Interesting how Lawson specifically mentions the "young people." Yes, folks, the YOUTH of this country ARE our future. That was evident at Saturday's rally at Federal Plaza, where many of the "youth" were heterosexuals coming out to support their LGBT friends and family. The "winds of change" are upon us; let's just hope Obama doesn't fart in the wrong direction. Fingers crossed.

Now, if only we can get at least some of the UNretired generals and admirals to admit that their senior officers are right ...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh Delicious irony!!!

I'll keep this brief, but James Dobson's (You know, you may have read about his creepy shower festish from an earlier post) Focus on the Family, after dumping $500,000.00 dollars into Proposition 8, is getting ready to announce another round of layoffs today, amid budget cuts at the so-called 'ministry!' Maybe they should've taken the gays' advice and focused on their own damn families! Isn't Karma lovely!???
It's even better than I first thought! Focus On The Family announced that it has layed off 200 Bible-Beating Bigots...ummmmm, employees. It was by far the biggest blood-letting (..and not the soul redeeming blood of Christ type, either!) in the group's 31 years of spreading intolerance! The reasons cited for the layoffs were the economy and declining contributions. Gosh, imagine if instead of donating over $500,000.oo to Prop 8, they'd actually used that money to 'focus on the families' of their employees? Well, no matter...I'm sure over the approaching holidays all these jobless nitwits can feast on the knowledge that they helped destroy the families of gays and lesbians all over California. Perhaps that knowledge will keep them warm...but let's hope the bastards freeze under their Christmas trees anyway after the lump of coal Dobson just dropped in their stockings is used up!


One of the BIG messages to come out of Saturday's rally and march at Federal Plaza (and similar rallies all over the country) was that SUPPORTERS of Proposition 8 (and anti-gay legislation LIKE Prop. 8) should be boycotted. The religious right, after all, has been doing it for years, boycotting companies like Disney, etc., for ANYTHING they do that might be construed as positive to/for the LGBT community. Well, folks, the sword cuts both ways. This coming Saturday, November 22nd, I urge all those opposed to Proposition 8 and similar legislation, to join us in an organized protest at the Century/Cinearts Theaters in Evanston.

The reason for the protest, kicking off the boycott, is simple. The Century and Cinearts theaters are owned by Cinemark and Cinemark has a Utah resident by the name of Alan Stock as its C.E.O. Dear old Alan donated $9,999 to the "Yes on 8" initiative. It's time we sent Cinemark, and corporations like Cinemark, a message they can comprehend: we will NOT support those who wish to deny civil rights to the LGBT community.

So join us on Saturday, Nov. 22nd, at 5:00 p.m. at 1715 Maple Avenue in Evanston and let Cinemark know that not even a midnight screening of "Pink Flamingos" can save their sorry asses now! You can also post your thoughts about Century/Cinearts ownership here:

"Oh, this is no ordinary protest, Cotton! I smell deep, dark trouble!"

The theaters are accessible via the Red Line to Howard; transfer to the Purple Line; exit at the Davis Street station.
Walk a short distance N on Benson Ave.
Turn left on Church St.
Walk a short distance W on Church St.
Turn right on Maple Ave.
Walk a short distance N on Maple Ave.
Total walking is 0.15 miles.

The "Decision"

Many people were shocked, appalled, furious, intrigued, angry, etc., that I would even have considered NOT fighting this. My point all along was that until we know what "this" was, I was too tired to consider fighting the monster under the bed. IF this had been much worse then it actually is, my choice would have been to not fight it. However, because it appears to be less horrible then I thought, fighting it is not going to be the huge uphill battle it could have been. AND, I will get the much wanted reduction out of this as part of my reconstructive therapy.

So, I am feeling much better now that I am back on the allergy meds and the vitamins. Apparently, now was not a good time to stop taking those....LOL I have stopped smoking completely and although there are the unconscious thoughts of "I want a smoke", my body really seems to be turned off to the idea. I am going to carefully watch what I eat and try to lose the recommended weight before the reconstruction surgery. I would love to have a treadmill in the house but I have NO CLUE where I would put it.......unless the buffet disappeared???? Just a thought.

The nausea seems to have died down but I am still hypersensitive to smells. We shall see how it goes.

Scenes from the Protest Against 8 in Boston

Bob's sister Pam sent these. These are Bob's niece and newphew, Katlyn and Gabriel. They will be one year old next month! Thanks to Bob's sister for taking a stand out there on the East Coast for equality.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chicago Protest Videos

This is a video by my friend Michael Lehet; he was kind enough to let me use his pictures for the blog.

The Protest Against Proposition 8 in Chicago

These photos were taken by a friend of mine at the rally yesterday, as I forgot to take mine. It was a very powerful day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bill Maher..the prophet!

Obama should give this guy and his crystal ball a cabinet position!
(This show was televised in 2005!)

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Backlash Continues...

The forces that pushed Proposition 8 face the anger of a community that realizes finally that it's being marginalized and dehumanized...and is not sitting back any longer!

Also, if anyone's got the time, there will be a protest rally downtown this Saturday. It's actually nationwide and will set the tone for where we go from here! It promises to be one of the greatest displays of gay power in recent memory! Yes, they are coming for us and we're finally waking up and smelling the coffee!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Let the Backlash Begin!

After years of coordinated, religion-backed hatred and abuse of the gay community, it looks like the LGBT community of California has had enough. Could this be the beginning of Stonewall II?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman

This is from The NEW YORK TIMES Opinion section today! (hope this is citing the source was just too good not to relate here!

November 5, 2008, 8:25 am
The monster years
"Last night wasn’t just a victory for tolerance; it wasn’t just a mandate for progressive change; it was also, I hope, the end of the monster years.
What I mean by that is that for the past 14 years America’s political life has been largely dominated by, well, monsters. Monsters like Tom DeLay, who suggested that the shootings at Columbine happened because schools teach students the theory of evolution. Monsters like Karl Rove, who declared that liberals wanted to offer “therapy and understanding” to terrorists. Monsters like Dick Cheney, who saw 9/11 as an opportunity to start torturing people.
And in our national discourse, we pretended that these monsters were reasonable, respectable people. To point out that the monsters were, in fact, monsters, was “shrill.”
Four years ago it seemed as if the monsters would dominate American politics for a long time to come. But for now, at least, they’ve been banished to the wilderness. "

There is a downside

One Moronic Bitch from Minnisota got reelected.

Michele Bachmann

Idiot extroardinaire, and as is her district

The Republican Reign of Terror is Over

God bless America, and God bless Barack Obama.

Democracy stil works

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted

And it never felt so good. Took me from 6:30AM to 8:00 AM to make it thru the line.

I wish my Kerry could see the excitement that's in the air.

Borat Takes on 'The Gay' Haters!

For his new film, The Bruno Movie, Cohen re-creates his flamboyantly gay Austrian character Bruno and does a sit down interview with yet another in the tedious long line of bigots passing themselves off as 'men of God.'

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The 'Grinch' That Stole Halloween!

It looks as though Ms. Shirlie Nagle of Gross Point Farms decided to dress up as a Nasty Bitch for Halloween! If you didn't have a good enough reason to vote against John McCain, here you go... (I wonder if she's related to Gary?)

Halloween at Catie's

...and a wonderful time was had by all! Thank you Catie!

I think this was, however, the beginning and the end of Bob's drag career!

REPUBLICAN Mayor of San Diego Comes Out Against Proposition 8

A very poignant moment for a man who broke with his party and changed the way he saw the rights of others!

...and in another development, a VERY well deserved slap in the head to the Mormon Church!