Sunday, December 28, 2008

Berlin: 1936--1945

The glory...

...and the price of folly and evil!

A Sideways Look at Shirley Bassey

I seem to recall Ms Bassey has some fans over here on Pabulum, so when they showed the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show from 1971, featuring the Welsh Wonder, I just had to post her contribution.

Stars queued up to be humiliated by the comedy duo, and Shirley was shown up good and p0roper.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Eartha Kitt - Where Is My Man

For the Boyz:

There was something hilariously ironic about this femme fatale blasting on speakers in every gay club in America in the '80's.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eartha Kitt RIP - Santa Baby

She spoke truth to power (LBJ), getting her banned from Batman (she WAS, what else. The Catwoman), and was purrfect in everything else.

Harold Pinter 1930-2008--A Very Unflattering Portrait of America

...but as the sun sets on the Bush regime, it's one of the clearest images ever painted. This clip is 45 minutes, but certainly worth it. This was his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize for Literature, which he received in 2005.

I saw this and thought of you

My best friend and I are honorary members of each other's families. I was supposed to go to her house today to have Christmas Dinner with her and her mother, but then her brother and his relatively new wife, who's Bulgarian, invited us all to eat with them.

They live in an apartment in a big old country house which is used as a private country club. Ricky is their accountant. The house is high on a hill in the Weald of Kent, and from their living room window thay have an amazing view over miles of Kent countryside.

They have acquired small plots in the grounds to garden, and Katya has taken to it with a vengeance. She has also become obsessed with orchids, and has some in their apartment, and some in a meeting room, where she has been allowed to leave the heating on all over the festive season, while no-one else much is around.

I don't know what this one is, but it is in glorious flower, and I immediately thought of Gunga Dean.

Any idea what it is?

Jib-Jab's The Year in Review

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And Later Today...

I got in one of K's sister's car for an excursion and looked down at my ankles and low and behold, there was Kerry. (I had successfully avoided assisting in unpacking the car knowing he lurked somewhere within.)

Sister sez: "I hope you're OK. I forgot he was down there!"

I sez: "Its OK. We are old friends."

We also finished decorating the palm tree. You may recall the pictures from last year of Kerry up on a ladder decorating it in black socks with sandals, bermuda shorts and white belt (faux pas due to lost luggage). Kerry always poured his heart and soul into decorating this tree. So we had a major tribute to pay. The first palm frond took us an hour. As we progressed we honed our technique and did the last frond in under 10 minutes. Lights, lights, and more lights. At night, you can now see it from the space station. We're labeling the tree tonight as "Kerry's Tree".

It is the marvel of Periwinkle Park. People have come by with tripods snapping photo's. Methinks, Kerry is pleased.

Catie's Shell update:

Banded Tulip
Drum Roll, Please!
At last, the tiniest Sanibel Wentletrap EVEH!!! (thank you, Maggie)

Also, on the aforementioned excursion I found a silver pendant of a Lighthouse. It spoke to me! I had to have it! It was triple marked down because...

It has the most obscene shape, due to the ill conceived placement of a scallop and a sand dollar at its base. Kerry is laughing.

Get Packin', Rod Blagojevich!

by John McHugh
(to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen")

Get packin', Rob Blagojevich
The state's in disarray
The Tribune wants you unemployed
At least by Christmas Day.
The TV pundits want your head
Could there by pay to play?
Oh, tidings, of comfort and joy
Save Illinois!
Oh, tidings, of comfort and joy

Good riddance Rod Blagojevich
Your Elvis look's inane,
The Senate's mad, so's Lisa's dad
You drive us all insane.
Our transit's broke, the state's a joke,
The Tollway's one big pain.
Oh, tidings, of comfort and joy
Save Illinois!
Oh, tidings, of comfort and joy

Good luck old Rod Blagojevich
The feds have quite a place
Fitzgerald's poked his nose around
And if he has a case,
George Ryan's moving stuff around
Creating extra space.
Oh, tidings, of comfort and joy
Save Illinois!
Oh, tidings, of comfort and joy

Yes, Rick Warren really is an asshole! UPDATED

Rachel Maddow nails this lying prick...but good! (Are you taking notice Barrack?)

Sanibel - Day 7

Well. What I thought were insect bites has turned out to be sun poisoning. I have a feeling my face is going to peel off in one sheet today. I wonder what we will find underneath. Hopefully not TOO scary.

Woke up at 5:30 and walked down to the beach to watch sunrise. It was a beautiful morning. Tide was out. Found a few shells for Catie. So far shell cache includes:

Apple Murex
Paper Fig
Fighting Conch
Jewel Box
Alphabet Cone (I think)
Lightning Welk

But alas, no Sanibel Wentletrap. Kerry's sister has the market cornered on those. I seem to have lost my touch.

However. I am the only one sighting shooting stars. BTW Jupiter seems to be out every night extremely bright.

Schedule will be getting intense soon. Thursday Christmas, Friday Kerry's parents' 60th anniversary, and Saturday we scatter Kerry's ashes in the surf at sunset.

Needless to say I am getting more and more emotional from this point forward. I now tear up for rustling palms. The distant call of mourning doves bring on full fledge waterworks.

But still doing OK. The A' sisters are holding me together. And I'd rather be a wreck here than that frigid snowy wasteland of Chicago. Though the Chicago / Farwell Avenue beach should be pretty spectacular with ice pilings by now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Country is in the Shitter, and THIS is the White House's Kiss Off?

The only thing that could've ended this piece of shit fittingly, is George or Laura following Barney around the house and eating his, ala Divine at the end of Pink Flamingos!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dan Savage on the Passage of Prop 8

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sen Dick "Free George Ryan" Durbin Steps In It

This is the crap I'm talking about:

From his website:

“Our system of justice gives anyone accused of a crime the right to defend himself in court. The Governor will have that opportunity.”

“But if the allegations in the criminal complaint against Governor Blagojevich are proven true, he has clearly abused the public trust.”

Everyone in Illinois knows what kind of corrupt slimeball Gov Blago is. Better he had said nothing at all. This implies to me Durbin has issues, needing investigating.

And Blah Blah Blah, yeah, Of course everybody has a right to a fair trial. But they do not automatically retain the right to stay in office, pending outcome of said trial.

Blagojevich needs to be immediately impeached, NOW.

Atrios On Gov Blago

Well Said!

As I haven't been following Illinois politics, I found it pretty amazing when a month or so ago a poll came out showing that Blago had 4% approval. That's impressive! You can get 4% to come out in favor of shooting puppies.

Watching the guy now, he seems, well, nuts.

It really is embarrassing... How he got elected I'll never know. My Kerry always said: "The masses are asses." In Illinois this is sadly true. The hall of shame of the ethically challenged is astounding. This list, while not all jailbirds, is as slimy as any state has ever produced: Kerner, Walker, Ryan, Blago, Stroger Sr., Stroger Jr., Daley I, Daley II, Rostenkowski, and then there's Chicago alderman. At one point Daley II had built his aldermanic majority because he had to replace the ones who were sent to jail. And then some of these replacements were sent to jail.

Obama finally said today Gov Hairdo should resign. A day late but whatever...

Good One from My Congresswoman Jan Shakowsky

Via Crooks and Liars:

I thought at the time that I was a serious contender, but I realize now I probably wasn't, because he never asked me for anything. So I must have been out of the running.

And good to see she is calling on him to step down. I am keeping a list of the wait-and-see scheisters.

Really, our politics in this quadrant of Illinois (with a few exceptions such as Jan & Barack) is more corrupt than all of Alaska.

Is Blago the New "Bitch"?

Hopefully he'll end up as somebody's "bitch".

The worst kept secret in Illinois is how utterly slimy, despicable, contemptible and corrupt this man really is. Our Governor Rod "Elvis" Blagojevich (D-IL) is. (D is for Disgusting, he does not deserve the Democrat nom de plume.)

He needs to be removed from office immediately. Trust me, this man without honor will not do the honorable thing and resign. Impeachment is the only option.

Any politician giving out the "Let's-wait-and-see-cos-he-hasn't-been-convicted-yet" blather is either a moron or dirty themselves. Democrats cannot afford to dither on this one. While Republicans have racked up quite the rap sheet, Democrats should not be protecting this...


Impeach Rod Blagojevich now. And if his replacement turns out to be corrupt, impeach again, and again, and again, until we get somebody ethical in office.

Democrats were elected overwhelmingly on a platform of change, and change includes holding the ethical high ground.

Here's is my close encounter with this slimeball.

A couple of years ago when he was running for Governor against Judy Baer Topinka they both made an appearance in the Gay Pride parade. As Judy's car passed my section of the crowd one of Elvis's minions was trailing the car within the crowd stirring chants of "What was she thinking?" It was despicable Chicago politics. Most of the crowd chanted away thinking it was spontaneous, and probably not knowing why they were chanting to begin with. Although Judy was a Republican, she was and is just as gay friendly as Elvis ever was, so the reception was uncalled for.

Anyway, I saw this clown doing his dirty work and then turned around and saw Governor Hairdo gladhanding the crowd right in front of my face. I should have called him out as an ass at the time but instead did nothing.

I can never vote for a Republican. Not until this generation of bigots die off. Instead I sat out the gubernatorial election by not voting this category. If Judy wants my vote she needs to change parties, and I will give my vote and greenbacks in support of her run gladly.

As for AG Patrick Fitzgerald, Keep going! Our state, county and city government needs serious housecleaning of these embarassingly corrupt douchebags.

The Death of Newspapers

Jon Stewart Thumps Bible Beater Mike Huckabee on Gay Marriage

God I love this man! Why can't the mainstream media grow a pair as big as Stewart's?

Why it's important to fight Prop 8 and it's supporters:

Let's look at the agenda of the same people oppose Prop 8:

They support the protection of discrimination against sexual minorities in employment, housing, public accommodations, and credit.
They treat terroristic violence against queer communities as a non-problem
The oppose the creation of support groups for sexual minorities in high schools and colleges, and support restrictions on the ability of such groups to use public facilities.
They work to remove any positive images and representations of sexual minorities from mass media texts and artistic productions.
They attempt to remove any public support for institutions that produce or sponsor queer-inclusive cultural representations.
They work to keep queer sexuality and relationships out of health and sexuality education materials
They boycott businesses that support their LGBT employees

Let's embrace the Stonewall 2008 mindeset and fight these fuckers wherever we can.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Westboro Baptist Lunatics Coming to Chicago in honor of Fred Phelps and his merry band of inbred psychopaths, here's a little video of one of them getting 'hit-on' by a very amusing Aussie reporter!