Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good One from My Congresswoman Jan Shakowsky

Via Crooks and Liars:

I thought at the time that I was a serious contender, but I realize now I probably wasn't, because he never asked me for anything. So I must have been out of the running.

And good to see she is calling on him to step down. I am keeping a list of the wait-and-see scheisters.

Really, our politics in this quadrant of Illinois (with a few exceptions such as Jan & Barack) is more corrupt than all of Alaska.


SnarkAngel said...

Which is EXACTLY why all of these m*****f**ckers who get sent to prison need to SERVE THEIR TIME and NOT BE PARDONED! I am sick and tired of these "white-collar" criminals getting off with a slap on the wrist ... when THEY are the ones doing the most harm to our society. It's no wonder our young people have no problem with cheating on exams, etc. They have no morals, because THE ONES WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SERVING AS EXAMPLES FOR THEM have no f**king ethics or morals.

Just Catie said...

Think they could put him in the same cell as Ryan? Maybe Ryan could use a good bitch. I would buy the viagra for that match!!!

Boston_Betty said...

I love Jan! I met her at the end of the Pride Parade this past summer (Yes, she walked the entire route) and gave her a big hug and kiss!

She's very sweet and quite personable!