Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Atrios On Gov Blago

Well Said!

As I haven't been following Illinois politics, I found it pretty amazing when a month or so ago a poll came out showing that Blago had 4% approval. That's impressive! You can get 4% to come out in favor of shooting puppies.

Watching the guy now, he seems, well, nuts.

It really is embarrassing... How he got elected I'll never know. My Kerry always said: "The masses are asses." In Illinois this is sadly true. The hall of shame of the ethically challenged is astounding. This list, while not all jailbirds, is as slimy as any state has ever produced: Kerner, Walker, Ryan, Blago, Stroger Sr., Stroger Jr., Daley I, Daley II, Rostenkowski, and then there's Chicago alderman. At one point Daley II had built his aldermanic majority because he had to replace the ones who were sent to jail. And then some of these replacements were sent to jail.

Obama finally said today Gov Hairdo should resign. A day late but whatever...

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