Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not surprising

If I had a clunker and needed a new car, I would have used the CARS cash for clunkers programs myself. When I began to think about the program, I figured it would be interesting to see who was buying new cars during a down economy. I figured, if the person could afford to look into buying a new car, they were probably not that bad off.

The news reports I have read indicate that the number 1 used vehicle being traded in was a Ford Explorer. The number 1 new vehicle being purchased was a Toyota Corolla. Think about it. If the point of the program was to save the American auto industry from itself, and save a tiny bit of the environment to boot, the federal government was successful if the real goal was to give yuppies new cars.

Friday, August 28, 2009

On Ted & the Kennedy's

Go read Anne Laurie's heartwarming tribute on Balloon-Juice, "The 'Luck' of the Kennedy's".

At its best, this was the real “Kennedy luck”—not that they were born rich and lived privileged, but that Teddy, Eunice, Jack, Bobby, and the rest of the clan sought out the hard work that would make a real difference in the world.

We all know Ted had his flaws, none knew that more so than Ted himself. However, his tireless efforts to overcome these flaws and give back to this nation will benefit us all for generations.

Our country is much greater, because of the Kennedy's, and they continue to give.

P.S. And I am removing Andrew Sullivan from the sidebar. He and his guest-posters have degenerated into tasteless batshittery, and I find him unreadable. "The Daily Dish" has become "The Daily Dump".

Fox News On Minotaur Torture?

Nope, it's the Onion but who can tell the difference:

Is Using A Minotaur To Gore Detainees A Form Of Torture?

Via Balloon-Juice

Friday, August 14, 2009


So I get home the other night and am faced with the roommate. He's busy reading somebody on the phone some real or imagined slight.

And then he dismissively gestures angrily about the kitchen at me. I had left a skillet out and a couple of dirty dishes. Without missing a beat on his telephone take down, he is reading me the riot act with body language. I mean you could not pry his attitudinal hand off his hip with a crowbar!


Anyway, I get up in the middle of the night and scrub the kitchen down.

And then I get up in the morning to find he decided last night he needed a vacation and had taken off for UK.

Flyboys, and their free flying benefits. Piss me off

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Garland and Minnelli

I am sitting here at 10:00PM looking at the movie "The Clock".

Never did Garland look so wonderful, Minnelli loved her, and made her and the city come alive, and he did other things like having character actors and their wives appear together.

It's a movie about love, everlasting.

Fall in love in 48 hours...

It can be done, when....

I can look at this movie forever...