Friday, August 28, 2009

On Ted & the Kennedy's

Go read Anne Laurie's heartwarming tribute on Balloon-Juice, "The 'Luck' of the Kennedy's".

At its best, this was the real “Kennedy luck”—not that they were born rich and lived privileged, but that Teddy, Eunice, Jack, Bobby, and the rest of the clan sought out the hard work that would make a real difference in the world.

We all know Ted had his flaws, none knew that more so than Ted himself. However, his tireless efforts to overcome these flaws and give back to this nation will benefit us all for generations.

Our country is much greater, because of the Kennedy's, and they continue to give.

P.S. And I am removing Andrew Sullivan from the sidebar. He and his guest-posters have degenerated into tasteless batshittery, and I find him unreadable. "The Daily Dish" has become "The Daily Dump".


Just Catie said...

My first thought upon hearing the news was to think that this was the end of an era.

SnarkAngel said...

The so-called news analysts at Faux News are finding it difficult to contain their joy over his passing.