Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not surprising

If I had a clunker and needed a new car, I would have used the CARS cash for clunkers programs myself. When I began to think about the program, I figured it would be interesting to see who was buying new cars during a down economy. I figured, if the person could afford to look into buying a new car, they were probably not that bad off.

The news reports I have read indicate that the number 1 used vehicle being traded in was a Ford Explorer. The number 1 new vehicle being purchased was a Toyota Corolla. Think about it. If the point of the program was to save the American auto industry from itself, and save a tiny bit of the environment to boot, the federal government was successful if the real goal was to give yuppies new cars.


SnarkAngel said...

All in the name of economic stimul-ass.

val said...

My car's not old enough for our scrappage scheme, and even if it was, I couldn't afford a new one. The prices for the most economical cars are sky high.

Gunga Dean said...

I like the program. I think there should have been a twofold approach, though in that 90% of the vehicle had to be built here. Don't much car who owns the company,though. USA doesn't have that many companies that build things anymore.


Gunga Dean said...

"Don't much care..."

(Need to check my work before posting)