Friday, August 14, 2009


So I get home the other night and am faced with the roommate. He's busy reading somebody on the phone some real or imagined slight.

And then he dismissively gestures angrily about the kitchen at me. I had left a skillet out and a couple of dirty dishes. Without missing a beat on his telephone take down, he is reading me the riot act with body language. I mean you could not pry his attitudinal hand off his hip with a crowbar!


Anyway, I get up in the middle of the night and scrub the kitchen down.

And then I get up in the morning to find he decided last night he needed a vacation and had taken off for UK.

Flyboys, and their free flying benefits. Piss me off


jazzy said...

sounds that roommate is a little drama-queen. don't worry, they always come back; (which is not always a plus).

Just Catie said...

Your roommate may treat you like shit, but my roommate at the home actually smells like shit....wanna trade??

val said...

Not having to have a roomie - one of life's true pleasures.

Boston_Betty said...

He's either got his heads in the clouds...or up his ass! Have fun at the Air Show tomoorw and tell Mike I said hi.

Boston_Betty said...'re roommate is not clean????

Anonymous said...

Won't he be surprised when I show up one day and slap him silly?

Just Catie said...

My roommate has a colostomy bag and it was leaking before they took her to the hospital. So far, I have had the room to myself. NOT complaining.