Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kenny Everett

A week with no posts - please don't say there's been a falling out in Chicago? Someone please put this distant cousin in the loop.

Maybe I can help things mend with this post.

I've just been crying with laughter watching this video.

Kenny Everett started his professional life as a DJ, and was on the staff of UK pirate Radio London, which broadcast from a ship in the English Channel in the mid-1960s. He had a really wacky sense of humour.

When Government legislation closed the pirates in 1967, Kenny moved to BBC radio, and in the 1980s also recorded some crazy comedy shows both for the BBC and for the independent broadcasters.

Kenny used his influence in the music world to promote Queen and was a major factor in their success. He became good friends with Freddie Mercury, and in 1995, like Freddie, he died of AIDS, aged just 50.

The character in this clip, Reg Prescott DIY "expert", is one of Kenny's regulars, along with punk rocker Sid Snot, and the spoonerised Cupid Stunt (how DID he get away with that one?) played with a blond wig, plastic bosom under a low-cut dress, and his beard still in place, as "her" catchphrase said "all in the best possible taste".

Don't watch this if your bladder or your stomach is full.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

For Catie, Snark, and Dean- my favorite Shakespeare quotation and a fun video to test the waters

If anyone wants to see Snark's 10th anniversary pix with Catie at the Anvil, click here.

First of all, Catie- your concern is appreciated and well founded. It is easy to get caught in a feedback loop when things are rough, and when you're down you often don't feel like you have the energy to break out of the loop.

This is precisely why I expressed my concerns about the biochemical and psychological effects of continued excessive use of alcohol. Not to be "preachy," not to rub it in, but because... in all senses, I've been there, and I hate to see others suffering as I and so many dear ones to me have suffered.
  • My next oldest brother- 11 years my senior- was arrested for his first alcohol related offense when I was 5... right before my eyes. (He'd smashed his car into a bridge abutment, and led a parade of 6+ squad cars from there to my home. He stopped the car and was cuffed right below my bedroom window.)
  • 15 years later, he was convicted of a felony committed while both drunk and high, and spent 10 years hard time.
  • As a pastor, I knew many colleagues who self medicated, to the great detriment of their marriages and their parishes.
  • Of course, I was also often called upon to help those affected by alcohol related problems.
    • This was especially so during my year as a trauma chaplain, where I ministered to the people who had injured themselves and others while intoxicated, to the innocent victims, and to the families and survivors of both.
  • And now more recently in my nursing studies having taken advanced psychology and biology, I have a much deeper understanding of what's behind it than I ever did.
  • Most importantly- I had my own troubles, and thanks to the love and help of others, they're behind me now. In raising concerns and offering help, I was simply following the great adage of Christ and tradition of AA in doing unto others as you would have or have had done unto you.

NOT that I'm an AA zealot... someone characterized my message as "don't drink"- that's terribly inaccurate! My message is- if you drink too much too often, it really mucks you up, and you should do something about it! For feck's sake, I'm GERMAN, my people call beer "liquid bread," and my family's hometown in Michigan is tremendously proud that 1) They never gave the prohibitionist party a single vote, and 2) The two biggest fines imposed on any single bars were imposed there.

Back to your concerns Catie. There's a reason you don't know much about the happier things in our lives- I'm too busy living them to blog about them. Plus, Tess and I are 12+ years married, but still as newlyweds. The camera isn't rolling during those times!

But I really would like you to get to know Tess. She's at her best in the mornings, we live 1/2 block from the Anvil, so sometime if you'd like to drop by, let me know! I think you have access to my email... if not, Snark does.

You are very right to encourage me to accentuate the good experiences and positive things in life, which is precisely why I'm inclined to go dormant here till things shake out. I have this gut feeling that the dynamic has changed, and not for the better. I stopped posting much beyond videos and cute puppy pictures on my Multiply blog when Tess and I took turns for the worse because the atmosphere there tended to be more juvenile... people carping about stupid things like specific choices of words, fonts, etc. Someone was always looking to pick a fight, or to prove that he could more accurately hit a given spot on the wall with his stream of urine than the next guy. PaN was a haven from that, so I kept posting my "Kierkegaard x Buckley x Lewis Black" stuff here for a while, till I got so sick I wasn't even turning on the computer for days at a time. I started feeling better last week, resumed posting while still eschewing posting or commenting on controversial matters.

I don't know what's going on now, but its not been good for me since the fecal matter hit the spinning blades, and methinks a bit more febreze and lysol are in order still. There's more that I don't know or understand than I do, and that's fine- I can on occasion let other people deal with issues without my being involved, but this uncertainty feeds heavily into my hesitance to jump back in. I'm trying to look before I leap... I'm seeking jack ... so no jumping!

Tess is still as sick as ever, I have a month's worth of classes to make up on, a number of requests for further instructional videos about my rug craft... I don't have the resources to deal with unnecessary pathos. I'll help anyone who needs or wants help, but blog drama... zum teufel! Life's way too short, and I've better and far more important things to do.

Now, to test the waters to see if I'm wrong about that, and this place is gemütlich
again... here's a video dedicated to Dean, keeping in mind my favorite quotation from the Bard... because it fits me so well! *grin*

Much Ado About Nothing: "O that he were here to write me down an ass! But masters, remember that I am an ass: though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass." Act 4, Scene 2, lines 80-83

Die Toten Hosen - Zehn Kleine Jägermeister

So... if/when gemütlichkeit [warm conviviality] returns, so shall I- the reaction to this post and video should be telling on that count.. Else, I'll be busy studying, doing things off camera with Tess, and making my rugs. My videos get posted to Veoh, Youtube, and my multiply site-

A View from the Sidelines/NEW RULES

Those who know and love me will attest to the fact that my life has been a little.......insane? lately. After my car engine blew up last Friday, my life got a bit more insane. That said, it appears I missed the drama that transpired as well. Having spoken to all parties involved, I am willing to offer my opinions and comments to be either read or scrolled past.

Snark - you were correct in feeling that Gunga's post to RG was rude and insensitive. Regardless of how much was consumed prior to the post, a next day recall would have been appropriate. However, having spoken to GD, I can understand that he was loathe to go back and review the carnage the next day to possibly remove the post and clean up some of the carnage. Regardless of whether or not you return to the blog, you will forever remain in my heart and, while I am working, will become a part of my new Friday night routine.

Gunga - NEW RULE: NO blogging post yeager meister induced semi comas. Deal? We have all been there and drunk dialed, drunk emailed and yes, drunk posted. Having spoken to you Friday in person, I can attest to the fact that you were truly sorry and upset when you finally came to and viewed the havoc you had imposed on the blog. I, for one, have forgiven you already and hope that others will forgive as well. Go forth and sin no more.

RG - You were right to feel upset that GD jumped down your throat and the fact it was in an alcohol induced haze did not make it right. However, I got the sermon part of don't drink the first time you said it and didn't need it repeated in subsequent posts/comments. You are an amazing human being and like myself, are probably too smart for your own good. You have an amazing mind and a truly noble sense of humanity, but you tend to get long winded and preachy. Very preachy. I speak for noone but myself when I say the font thing is a bit annoying, but I choose to follow Howard Stern's advice, if you don't like it, don't read it or move past it. As with any long post, I tend to scroll past those that don't interest me and that includes rants by GD as well. We would all do well to follow the rule that less is more. As we discussed Friday, you really do need to get someone positive into your daily routine. I fear you slipping into the dark side and that is not good for anyone. I LOVE the puppies and can't wait to meet the wife. I really do like you and have no intention of letting you go from my life either.

RM - Dude, we gotta chat. Having completed three years of law school with Matthew Hale, I have to say that some, if not most, of what you post is disturbing at best. I have two teenaged boys myself and they have lots of friends. What I see, when I read what you write, is a very unhappy teenager full of angst and issues. You need someone to listen and guide you in a positive direction. I am not your mother and this is none of my business, but this is what I feel.

As for the other posters, I have nothing more to say. I apologize for this taking longer then I anticipated to get posted, but I was extremely productive yesterday. I find that having a reason to get up every morning is very motivating towards the better use of your "down time".

Friday, March 21, 2008

For Arthur

This Morning's Dream

That threw me out of bed...

I dreamed that I was taking a nice beach vacation...

With Hillary and Barack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they both were trying to sway me to vote for them.

I need my Snarkangel to medicate me.

P.S. Afraid to look at what I posted last Wednesday. Much Jaeger.

UPDATE: Oh, dear! Just looked. Sincerest apologies to all!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Worked Very Hard

At this post, and the RG pushed me down at the moment of publishing...

Read it here

I have no fancy fonts. Just merely thoughts and inspiration.

RIP- Arthur C. Clarke & Ivan Dixon / Picture of life in Edgewater, preview of video to come

I will post the video from which this still was captured tomorrow. I wanted to post it tonight, but Veoh's had it an hour and it still isn't ready. Grrr! I have to get to bed now, Tess'll be needing another shot as soon as 4 hours or at most 6 hours from now, so... .

RIP- Deaths to be noted, peoples lives celebrated

Ivan Dixon aka "Kinchloe" of Hogan's Heroes
From the wiki article:
Ivan Dixon (April 6, 1931 - March 16, 2008[1]) was an African American actor and director. He helped change racial stereotypes in his film and TV roles. He was active in the Civil Rights movement, and president of Negro Actors for Action. After a long and celebrated career as an actor and director, he was the owner-operator of radio station KONI (FM) in Maui. In 2001 he left the islands for health reasons and sold the radio station in 2002.
March 16, 2008 at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina after a hemorrhage and complications from kidney failure, according to his daughter, Doris Nomathande Dixon of Charlotte. [1]

I always loved Hogan's Heroes, even if it was "krautsploitation." I was aware, of course, of its numerous historical and factual errors, but it was a fun show and I still enjoy it when I happen to catch it.

I am glad to read that Ivan Dixon went on to achieve so much beyond the show.
This is a BIZARRE video even by my standards, but the bubbler gum cards from Hogan's Heroes are fun. And I thought ya'll'd enjoy seeing what is even a bit too esoterically weird for me to fully appreciate it! *grin*

Arthur C. Clarke

The AP's video obit:

From the Wiki
Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, CBE (16 December 191719 March 2008[2]) was a British science fiction author, inventor, and futurist, most famous for his novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, and for collaborating with director Stanley Kubrick on the film of the same name.

In 1986 he was named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.[15]

In 1988 he was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome, having originally contracted polio in 1959, and needed to use a wheelchair most of the time thereafter.[11]

In September 2007, he provided a video greeting for NASA's Cassini probe's flyby of Iapetus (which plays an important role in 2001: A Space Odyssey).[16]

In the 1989 Queen's Birthday Honours Clarke was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) "for services to British cultural interests in Sri Lanka".[17] The same year he became the first Chancellor of the International Space University, serving from 1989 to 2004 and he also served as Chancellor of Moratuwa University in Sri Lanka from 1979 to 2002.

On 26 May 2000 he was made a Knight Bachelor[18] "for services to literature" at a ceremony in Colombo.[19] The award of a knighthood had been announced in the 1998 New Year Honours,[20] but investiture of the award had been delayed, at Clarke's request, because of an accusation, by the British tabloid The Sunday Mirror, of paedophilia, which was, however, found to be baseless by Sri Lankan police and retracted by the paper soon after.[21][22][23][24][25][26]

In December 2007 on his 90th birthday, Clarke recorded a video message to his friends and fans bidding them good-bye.[27]

Clarke died in Sri Lanka on 19 March 2008 after suffering from breathing problems, according to Rohan de Silva, one of his aides.[28][29][11]

In my younger years, I was an avid fan of "hard core" science fiction- the sort where deep thinkers extrapolated how human beings would interact with new technology. Arthur C. Clarke, along with Phillip K. Dick, Ray Bradbury, Orwell, etc., exemplified this "pure" and often dystopian form of the genre. I wrote my BA paper on Science Fiction. It was not a "thesis" as such, but required of every English major to be graduated from Wabash and hence no less important. Since then, I've found life far stranger than fiction, and the future often has a way of proving even such dark souls as Orwell too optimistic about human kind.

A radio interview with him from 2001

So God Sez: Homosexual!!!

"How have you dealt with My creation?"

I sez: "Thank you very much Sir, or Madam. But why have you stacked the deck against me?"
He sez: "Don't ponder 'The is', It is what it is."
And there I asked: "So, I am what I am?"
And He sez: "My own special creation."
I sez: "So I should not give a damn,
He sez: "Not until you shout out..."
I dared to finish His thought: "Hey world, I am what I am!"
He sez: Ya Think? Why do you think I created that song?"
I Sez " I thought Jerry Herman wrote..."
He sez: "I gave him a dream..."
I sez: "So Linda Eder could sing it?"
He sez: "No, to give you an anthem, for the dark times."
I sez: "I did dance to it through my tears in the 80's & early 90's."
He sez: "I create the voice, and the song, so it can be sung."
I sez: "Thanks again, God. Now I know what I dare'd not think before".
He goes: " I, Yhwh! (or something untranslatable) Methinks My work is done, or maybe, just beginning..."
"Learn from this and say...
I am
What I am"
and He was gone.

Life's not worth a damn
'til you can say, Hey world...

So I tells the tale....

And so I will let Captain Jack give it a whirl:

While George Bush fiddled, the homes of his 'base' burned!

Leave it to the foreign media to document a side of American life our own media wouldn't dare look at, for fear of displeasing its corporate masters. God bless the BBC!

Oh well, hope stopping gay marriage and abortion was worth it for some of these homeless rubes!

This is a hoot!

Tea Tag Cry for Help (humor) & an update on Edgewater's answer to the Addams Family

Somebody- NOT ME- brewed a pot of tea leaving the tags on the bags. Its probably not harmful, I assume they've tested the dyes used etc. for human (or at least rat) safety, but the taste of cellulose [wood fiber, as in paper] does not well compliment that of camellia sinensis [the botanical name of the tea plant.]

So I thought I'd have some fun with it, the entire tone is obviously sardonic and slightly parodic of the great Paul Harvey's vocal style with a more obvious nod to him at the end.

Online Videos by

As for us...

Tess is no better, for me its too early to tell, but I'm glad to be able to be there for her both emotionally and physically more these days.  Until very recently, life for me has pretty much consisted of
  •  "be sick",
  • drink electrolytes,
  • sleep.

We see Tess' doctor Friday, and I follow up with mine in a few weeks too.

I'm not ready to say that the light at the end of my tunnel is an opening and not an oncoming semi, but I have been... (see video below)

Wednesday Weekly Weill - Oh Heavenly Salvation

The Persuasions From September Songs. I think the Brecht/Weill piece is "Cantata"

God (& Satan)

In case you were wondering...

That's Her...

More God at minute 2:30

Yes, She smokes. And sings.

Barack And This And That

Watched Obama and thought it was a wonderful speech. So many things that needed to be said.

On that note, I thought I'd go eat some rusty nails and razor blades and see what the flat-earthers had to say. Jesus Christ, almighty!!

As Mrs. Right once advised, "Why don't I go bang my head against that iron support beam instead; it's be less painful."

So grateful, that my advice was heeded not to post the Princess Di video. With our newest heavenly reader now dropping in, we must maintain some decorum.

So God drops by and asked me: "Have you seen the speech?"

At the time I had only seen snippets and thought it best not to lie to deities: "No, only excerpts."

God sez: "Get you ass over to YouTube and watch it, you lazy bum. Why do you think I invented the Internet."

I sez: "I thought that was Al Gore."

God sez: "Don't get flippant with me!"

Geez! Alright, already! So I ask G: "Have you seen the wingnut reaction? Why did you give them such tin ears?"

G does one of these heavenly pregnant pauses as She is want to do when asked the unanswerable. Finally She responds: "Because."

I went: "But why ..." But She must have been bored 'cos She was gone, off to do God-things, I suppose.

So there you have it, it was planned that way. I guess we have to live with it. But what She didn't say was to stop criticizing "the stoopid", even if it is part of divine creation.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Because It Deserves To Be Heard Again . . .

I am no huge fan of Obama's overall political stance; I certainly think there is room for improvement, as there is with Clinton and McCain. But I was admittedly impressed, moved, and pleased by his most recent speech, more than by any other political speech, by him or anyone else, since the current presidential race began. I hope people actually LISTEN TO and GET what he is saying, because it is of tremendous importance to the unity of our nation, and quite possibly, the entire planet. This Illinois senator made me quite proud today. The video below contains some moments from that speech.

Two Soups

I managed to record the Julie Walters comedy sketch at the weekend, and I've posted it at Life and Vincent where the audience seems bigger, but hey, it's just a matter of pasting a link here, so what the hell.

...and I will always beat you!

UPDATED! Mama Mia version...

...a nod to Faye Dunaway's awesome performance as psycho, child-beating film diva bitch, Joan Crawford!

God Squad!

No Church Lady on YouTube

Alas. Except one really tacky premortem top ten list on Princess Di. To vulgar and tasteless to even post or link here.

And I was running on such a meme.

(*Wundrin' how many of you pervs is gonna go and look it up. If you do, DO NOT POST IT HERE, SNARKANGEL!!)

Is It Kelly?

No, just Jan Crouch of the Church of the Pink Hair:

But tell me, Jan, are you really happy?
"F&#k, yeah!, I mean send your checks to TBN and I'll get back to y'all."

White America-Hating Evangelical Preachers Found!

OMFG, and it's not Fred Phelps!

It's Pat Roberstson, John Hagee and Jerry Falwell.

And they are spiritual advisers to presidents and Republican candidates alike.

Oh, I forgot. IOKIYAR. 'Cos ya know, they've been the God Squad for, oh, I dunno, like. forever.

Or maybee it's just a white religious privilege to spew vile and hateful things. I'm just sayin'.

Or maybe everyone should just shut up and leave the preachers to their dank, creaking pulpits, preferably off my teevee, and off all of the campaign dog-and-pony shows.

(BTW-God just told me he thinks this Blog is "Teh Awesome!! I said, "Thanks, we try. Please keep coming back.")

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Catchy Dittie From The 80s...

...although I think it has some significance considering the fucked up state of our own nation and military currently.

...and the Good Humor Man is?

None other than hottie Robert Gant, "Ben" from Queer as Folk in one of his earlier commercial apearances! Now I know why I wanted an ice cream cone everytime I saw this commercial!!! Oddly, I also got a vibe from him even back then! Nice to know gaydar works through the TV as well!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Free Credit Report Dot Com

Is it just me, or does anyone else think he's cute? Waaaaaaaaay younger than I usually like them, however. LOL

He's actually a French Canadian actor/comic and does not actually sing the songs in the commercials, although he is a singer and guitarist. But I did my homework and found his web site:

You'll find the commercials under the videos tab. This one and the others are my favorite commercials as of late. I think this one (above) is the catchiest jingle.

Rug Goth and Spouse

Unfortunately, our very own Rug Goth and wife are still very much "under the weather. " RG believes his condition is just beginning to improve. He will keep me/us posted as he can. His videos, including the latest, are here: Let's all keep hoping and praying their health improves very, very soon!

FOR VAL . . . (and me, too...)

A JennCho production . . . with clips from the 1997 indie film, "Guy," starring the divine Mr. D. 'Nuff said ...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Victoria Wood

Possibly Britain's answer to Tom Lehrer, Victoria Wood is a talented comedian, comic writer and musician. Here's the best loved of her many comic songs.

She and Julie Walters - someone you're more likely to have heard of in the States because of her successful movie career - make a great team, and Victoria also wrote some terrific comedy roles for her friend in sketches in which she did not herself appear. Unfortunately, the best of these, the pants-peeingly funny "2 soups", in which she plays an ancient waitress with trembling hands and no memory, is only on YouTube in a version obviously recorded from the TV screen and unwatchable. So instead, here she is in her starring role as Mrs Overall, the cleaning lady in Acorn Antiques, a spoof soap from Victoria Wood's show.

Considering how attractive a woman Julie Walters is, she does a great line in very plain, aged women with humped shoulders. I think she's great.

Friday, March 14, 2008

More FREAKY Fridays . . . with KELLY . . .

Britney vs. Kelly! Diva showdown! A mashup by Liam Kyle Sullivan...

This is for this and think!

"Public awareness of the number of American military fatalities in Iraq has declined sharply since last August. Today, just 28% of adults are able to say that approximately 4,000 Americans have died in the Iraq war. As of March 10, the Department of Defense had confirmed the deaths of 3,974 U.S. military personnel in Iraq.

In August 2007, 54% correctly identified the fatality level at that time (about 3,500 deaths). In previous polls going back to the spring of 2004, about half of respondents could correctly estimate the number of U.S. fatalities around the time of the survey. "

Mike, ask yourself if this is REALLY worth putting your life on the line! There are many other ways to serve your community AND improve your life. Yes, I did it and probably for a lot of the same reasons you want to. But now is not the time. When I joined the military, it was at a time where I thought we'd learned from Vietnam and nobody would put our lives out on the line for bullshit. But when you live in a country where more people know more about the scores of participants on American Idol than they do about our death toll in Iraq, you have to ask this really the kind of nation I want to risk my life for. Honestly!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nitty gritty Chicago video & Hilde taking good care of me.

Online Videos by

The trash truck driver got a kick out of me videoing the scene. I think this really captures the Chicago experience in winter well.

This is how she was almost all night.  Dogs always seem to know when their people need them, don't they?

You can see from this picture, my artistically deformed one of yesterday wasn't so much an exaggeration as an amplification.

I forget what I've said and to whom I've said it, but basically imagine having the stomach flu not for a week... not for a month... but for three months.  That's basically my situation.

So there's immense fluid and nutrient loss, interruption in sleep, general and cumulative loss of energy...


. . . a former smoker . . . obsessed with anal leakage . . .

This really grossed out our own Gunga Dean . . . so I thought I would post it here in his honor . . . and we really do need a reminder of how "important" morning television truly is . . .

Ya thought I forgot about this, didn't ya, Gunga?

And I thought the choice of font color was most appropriate.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As Gross As a Pelican Eating a Pigeon . . .



Guess who the first segment will be about!

Poor EX-Gov. Spitzer . . . he was the "Buster" of prozi rings . . . now he's the "busted." Ego maniacal alpha male? Self-destructive dipshit? Only his call girl, MS. DUPRE, knows for sure!

Featuring commentary by Jane Fonda, who won her academy award for her portrayal of Bree Daniels, in "Klute," the story of a high-priced New York call girl!

Surprise guest appearance by Sen. Hillary Clinton, who explains the difference between White House trolls and pricey prostitutes . . . and then goes on a tirade regarding her loss of a super delegate.

Only on BRAVO! Watch what happens!

Oh, cruel, cruel nature! least in this video, we see the poor pigeon actually put up a commendable fight!

Ya'll / Youse Guys will have to party on without me for a while

I'm so out of it, I've not even turned on my PC in days.
  • I have shot some great video (interview with another eco-warrior recycler at the dumpster, the Red & Purple lines, etc,) but now the memory card is filled, and its just going to have to say that way.
  • Finally got good pix of the "Dr. Seuss" tree too, but, they'll wait too.
  • I Haven't even been up to doing my rugs!

When I'm not actively being sick, I'm sleeping off the results.Tess is no better than she's been since November either.We're keeping our respective spirits up, and the dogs are doing their part.

Barb- my MiL- gets back from vacation Saturday. She doesn't know how sick we each are... she's a mother, she'd worry about it instead of enjoying herself.

We have both been to the doctor about our respective problems, and we each have follow up appointments. I'm too exhausted from how long this has been going on to even say whether any of the meds are helping us. I still can point out where north is at any time, and guess what time it is plus or minus three minutes, but beyond that, my functionality & productivity are only marginally above Tess'.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lewis Black: George W. Bush--Conquerer of Trees!

...yes, the situation Lewis Black is describing here is comical, but only in that 'What the fuck!?? You can't be serious...he really said that!???' kind of way! The leader of our country, wonder we're swirling the drain!

For Mike: The Governator in 'Pumping Iron'

I had made reference to this film in an earlier response to Mike. Wasn't sure he knew what I was referring to, so I wanted to include this well-known clip from Arnold's Mr. Olympia days in Pumping Iron.

You are what you are- not what you do (my and Tess' crappy health has me thinking a lot about this)

Today was another bad day for both of us, health wise.

We've been talking a lot about the way that one's occupation, health, etc., though we focus so much on them, really make up such a small part of what really matters in life.

Jobs come and go, so does health.  If we peg our entire view of ourselves on what we do instead of what we are, then such changes are catastrophic and we shatter.

These things are not the substance of our being, they're the expression of them.  This division between the innate nature of something and its external form or manifestation is called "substance vs. accidence"  in Aristotelian / Aquinan philosophy.

While generally I'm more fond of the Chinese philosophers than the Greeks... there is much truth here, and Tess and I have found it very helpful as our lives, vocations, and health have gone through so many transitions.

Just think about it this way- when water freezes... has it stopped being water?  When it evaporates, has it changed its chemical form or just its physical manifestation?

Likewise, when you stop having a job or your health... what makes you you hasn't changed, only the ways you [get to] express it.

I'm not saying this is easy for either one of us... I'm not saying we don't each have our moments when we want to- and do- scream at God over it.  But that's OK, God's a big boy, He can take it.

You are each you- not what you do, nor what you can't do.

That F%^*^r Tucker

Gets Canned!!

Unfortunately, I hear they want to replace the gaybasher with David Gregory.

Should have been David Shuster or Rachel Maddow.

The Biggest Nellie in Canada!

The girl in this video is a Green Beret compared to the guy! Listen to him scream at the sad! Why I posted this, however, is because I think we've all had run ins with these fearsome bugs called centipedes! In fact, I was sitting watching TV last night, lights out, and one scurried across the floor, casting a shadow five times its actual size from the light of the TV!!! I sent it home to Jesus via slipper, but was still skeeved out enough to call it a night! It's too bad they're so horrible looking, because they really are beneficial insects and devour so many other kinds of bugs that would otherwise have free reign in our homes.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ach! Meine Gute!!! Deutsches Bier, Deutsches Brot und Deutsche Männer!!!

Definitely a couple of the Fatherland's cutest guys!

Sunday Sondheim - Company

This is the musical that started me on Sondheim. I've been waiting for this to show up on YouTube!
"Company" from "Company" with Raul Esparza:

What a vile, nasty bitch! Hold on to your hats folks...

Only in America does a piece of shit get elected to represent the people! Says a lot about us as a nation!

I lifted this piece right off of Crooks and Liars, so the commentary is not mine. Your heads will implode when you hear this though. I will try to post a link to her webpage, so you can feel free to let her know what YOU think of her! Don't be kind, either! Here's a picture of the hateful c*nt! She looks like a fat, deranged Cabbage Patch Kid!

"Mother of god, this is horrible. We nominate to the patheon of homo hate Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern ( She didn’t know that she was being recorded in a meeting, so we get the a nice insight about what she thinks of her gay and lesbian constituents. Perhaps she doesn’t think she has any.
About 30 seconds into this homobigoted, fact-free, BS screed, Rep. Kern actually says how she doesn’t hate gays (of course not!), then proceeds to continue on her tirade of filth.
I don’t think you need to guess which party Kern belongs to. This is a woman who sits on the Education Committee in the OK legislature. She’s also a member of Mother Schlafly’s Eagle Forum.
Read on…
While there’s no profanity in this clip, this is some of the most offensive language you’ll ever hear. "

LOL! Here's a follow-up vid!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

When I'm not working on rugs, this is my art therapy- and I've needed it- I've been a lot sicker a lot longer than I've realized

These first are what's left of the bizarre flowers and cold cuts tableau shown in an earlier video.
On top is the original, below is my bit of fun with filters

Ultimately I'll put these together into a slide show of scenes of and views from Chicago alleys.

This is a little girl's shoe I saw in the same alley- I shot a video panning from it up and down the alley.

This is the "Dr. Seuss" tree from Snark's alley. (You ever seen this Snark? Its down on the Glenlake end.) Top is the original, below one I ran through a filter. I think I may have to reshoot this picture, maybe with a different camera. The dark tree blends in too much with the dark background. Of course, I shot video of this as well.

So... this is the art therapy I've done today... not too much. I'm a lot sicker than I'd realized... having had a day without massive dehydration has helped me realize how sick I've been for how very long. Its like I've had stomach flu for... 2 or 3 months!

No wonder I've not gothed up much until last night (Good to see you Snark and Dean)... and last night was really just half way. When all your energy goes into your crappy body, fashion and funk go by the wayside.

The Gay Barbie Song funny when straight boys try to camp it up!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mrs. Right Paints

Please drop by LakeMuse where my multi-talented friend Mrs. Right picks up a new muse.

Tonight, Tonight...

Won't be just any night...

Pug Vs. The Peacock

Chita Rivera - The Shriners Ballet

For Mrs. Right:

I just received a Judy Garland Show episode circa 1964 with Chita doing "Plenty O' Nuttin" that reminded me our Mrs. Right who performed this song in a high school production of "Bye Bye Birdie".

She tells me many an hysterical story of being dropped in dance class, and an ill-fated almost-costarred-with-a-forgetable-ex-of-mine star turn in "Birdie". My ex could never, ever, carry anything to completion, which is one of a multiple of reasons he is an ex. The ex was cast in the role of Conrad Birdie, but decided the production was "So Wrong", a phrase I heard one too many times myself a decade and half or so later, and dropped out, a few weeks before the curtain rose.

Anyway, the Luft estate is strictly protective of their Garland brand so nothing of the show remains on YouTube for long. So instead, I give you Chita reprising her role, Spanish Rose, from the 1960 show, a role our Mrs. Right also applied her formidable talents to.

It's Official - I'm Over Hillary

I'm sick of Hillary.
I'm sick of the Clintons' Tandem Tag Team.
I'm sick of her sleazy campaigning.
I'm sick of her sleazy campaign managers.
I'm sick of her sleazy advisors.
I'm sick of her fearmongering.
I'm sick of her changing the rules.
I'm sick of her politics of destruction.
I'm sick of her subliminal racism.
I'm sick of her Rovian tactics
I'm sick of her "win at all costs" in spite of what it will do the the Democratic Party, Brand and Message.
Most of all...

I'm sick of her.

*This is not to say they she was not treated unfairly by the press. She was. Especially by that sexist pig Chris Matthews.

**This is not to say I am an enthusiastic Obamazon. I'm not. I'm still smarting over the anti-gay preacher fiasco. I'm not positive he won't throw gays under the bus, if he has to, though I do feel more confident than I did that he won't.

***This is not to say I will not support the Democratic nominee. I will. Either nominee is heads and tails better than the nutcases offered elsewhere. It will take years if not decades to recover from the damage, these morons, these Mayberry Machiavelli's, these monstrous, mendacious, thieving Republicans, have inflicted upon our country. Their party needs and deserves to be utterly swept into obscurity. Even as they go to jail.

FREAKY FRIDAYS - With "KELLY" Continues . . .

After her (his) mega-success with the comedy/music videos "Shoes," "Let Me Borrow That Top," and "Text Message Breakup," Kelly" (Liam Kyle Sullivan) accepts a request to meet with the Hollywood bloodsuckers who want a piece of the action . . .

And the People's Choice Awards acceptance speech . . . starring BOTH Liam Kyle Sullivan as himself, AND as his alter ego . . . Kelly . . .

Acceptance speech with alternative ending . . .

Religious humor for Betty, Snark, etc.

As a long time Demento / Napoleon XIV fan, I love this next one!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

DEMOCRACY, NOT THEOCRACY! Coming March 26, 2008


Celebrities to Headline Historic, Simulcast Church-State Separation Event

Community Leaders, Religious Liberty Heroes to Participate in 25-City, Nationwide Movie Theater Event to Focus Need for Church-State Separation in 2008 Elections

Actors, musicians and comedians will join church-state community members across the country on Wednesday evening, March 26, 2008 to put church-state separation on the national agenda during the 2008 election season.

In movie theatres in 25 cities across the nation (full list of theaters), interested citizens will gather to learn about the threats to church-state separation and to demand that candidates for elected office answer questions about key issues dealing with individual freedom. Ten questions to ask candidates that have a direct impact on Americans’ lives will be featured.

Entitled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Separation of Church and State … but Were Afraid to Ask!,” the high-definition program is being hosted by First Freedom First, a joint project of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and The Interfaith Alliance Foundation.

Peter Coyote, celebrated Hollywood actor and filmmaker, will emcee the program, which will include such special guests as The Bacon Brothers (featuring actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael), actors Michael J. Fox; Jack Klugman James Whitmore; Wendie Malick; Dan Lauria; and Catherine Dent; comedian and Air America host Marc Maron; singer/songwriter Catie Curtis and satirist Roy Zimmerman.

The event will also feature Americans who have fought for individual freedoms against great odds. The March 26 simulcast is being produced by Progressive Media Agency, a Portland, OR, based firm led by Adam Klugman and Enrique Arias.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Separation of Church and State … but Were Afraid to Ask!,” historic, 25 city, nationwide movie theater simulcast event featuring celebrities and community leaders to focus need for Church-State separation in 2008 elections.

Celebrity participants include: Hollywood actor and filmmaker Peter Coyote as emcee; The Bacon Brothers (band featuring actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael), Michael J. Fox (“Family Ties” and “Spin City”), Jack Klugman (“The Odd Couple” and “Quincy, M.E.”), James Whitmore (“The Shawshank Redemption”), Wendie Malick (“Just Shoot Me!”), Dan Lauria (“The Wonder Years”), Catherine Dent (“The Shield”), stand-up comedian and Air America host Marc Maron, singer/songwriter Catie Curtis and singer/satirist Roy Zimmerman.

Wednesday evening, March 26, 2008

25-Cities Nationwide (see for full theater list)

For more information about First Freedom First, and the simulcast event:

Oh yeah . . . and the "WHY" is simple . . . just read the Constitution . . .

John McCain's Bestest New Buddy!

Talk amongst yourselves!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bizarre Chicago - Beware the man eating dumpster! ~~~ Disturbing plaster street art

These are today's "Bizarre Chicago" videos. I also took some great alley videos, and I'm continuing to compile stills of the dogs and the alleys for slide shows I'll be working up sometime in the "sometime between now and when Terre Haute Indiana freezes over" future.

Plaster whathellisit

Wait for it, its at the end of the video.

Online Videos by

Beware the man eating dumpster!

Online Videos by

Dean and Just Catie- feeling any better?

St. Patricks Day @ Photocasket

Buried at PhotoCasket
The Goth place for graphics

Or are you still feeling like this?

And who's planning on being at the Anvil Friday, and when?

I really enjoyed it last week, but if I make it it will be earlier.

{I'm struggling with some pretty heavy health issues of my own. While caring for Tess, I tend to loose sight of anything and everything else, but that catches up with you eventually. I especially need to bear down on studying for Anatomy and Physiology since my admission to LPN school and job thereafter depend on that class... so I've gotta do a bit better with self care.}

Too Much Time

As most of you know, I am currently between positions and therefore available for exciting new career opportunities. I am also on the public dole and thank each and every one of you for your contributions to unemployment. That said, I must wax poetic for a few and note my thoughts on events both current and timely.

The elections: Regardless of who (or if you are a repub. what) you vote for, you have got to admit that this election is the most exciting one we have seen in our memorable lives. The mere fact that the choice for the correct party is between a black man and a woman (c'mon, work with me) for president of the United States is amazing in and of itself. That the candidates were actually forced, by way of the shuffled primary schedule, to actually claw and scratch their way to the conventions was joyous. As much as you may hate the man, as Ralph Nader said, "if they want your vote, make them earn it."

The economy: Because W says we are not heading at breakneck speed, racing out of control and doomed to face a recession, we must not be. I, for one, am sleeping better at night knowing our president firmly believes this.

The weather: Can we pick one season and just go for it for awhile? This bipolar weather has wreacked havic on my sinuses and my general health.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

He's "run the good race" and now the good-bye... its about time! (Rev. Gov. Huckabee)

Rev. Gov. Huckabee:
  • So long
  • farewell
  • auf wiedersehen
  • goodbye

(A nice British rendering)

My feelings on the matter are best expressed by the great Doxology

This is known to some as "All people who on earth do dwell" or "The old 100th."
This particular setting is by the great Ralph Vaughn Williams who was actually rather a-religious. None the less, I think it stands as one of the finest works of sacred music ever, and one of my happiest memories from my time at the Seminary was getting to be in a choir which sang this piece.

A touching almost sensual Russian version

Now, time for some kitty humor...

Pardon me if you've seen some of these before, but I thought it was pretty entertaining...

Chicago videos: The Gritty, the Beautiful and the Bizarre

Some of these I've posted to Multiply's video section, but I thought it'd be nice to post them together on the blogs.

Besides humor therapy, art therapy is a very important means of maintaining emotional/mental health, and this is the main art therapy I do besides the rugs.

These are all in the top quality Veoh version.  If you have problems with them, they're all at my Youtube channel :

The gritty

Chicago- Red & Blue lines viewed from an alley in the rain
 I had my camera in a baggie and set to two stops over exposed, so this accounts for some of the fuzziness and distortion in the video... I think it adds to the grittiness.

Online Videos by

The Bizarre

Bizarre Chicago tableau- flowers and lunch meat in an alley

When I first saw this last night, it was in a shopping basket. I tried to take video of it this morning, but even at two stops over exposed, the alley was too dark for it to be really visible well. I may upload it at a later date if I think the dark dinginess is poignant enough to overcome the lack of visual clarity.

Online Videos by

Bizarre Chicago tableau- battered blender

Apparently this didn't make the margarita properly... I've heard of someone smashing cheap dishes to work out frustration, but a BLENDER?!

Online Videos by

And now some beauty

Chicago- Berger Park ice flow art 80304

After shooting the sunrise over Lake Michigan at Berger Park, I noticed how lovely the ice formations caused by the recent snow melt and rain were. My dogs make cameos, but as much as they love snow they hate ice.

Online Videos by

Chicago the Windy City- Sunrise over Lake Michigan at Berger Park

The wind was howling such that I don't even know that my stentorian voice is loud enough to be heard on the video. As I was walking the dogs, I was struck by the ferocious beauty of the view, and decided to roll the camera.

Online Videos by

Monday, March 3, 2008


Wishing our beloved Boston Betty and Spouse a fun-filled, hormone-draining anniversary! And best wishes for many more to come!

Happy Anniversary

Now . . . GUESS which one is Betty!!!

Happy Anniversary

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A new spin on an old favorite!

From the 1960s...

...and now a more--ahem--updated version:


. . . during this pretty funny skit on last night's SNL . . . including an appearance by the real Hillary Clinton (at the end), (look for the very surprising cameo by Vincent D'Onofrio . . .)

If NBC deletes them, here's a link to the video on another site . . .

Vincent D'Onofrio and Hillary Clinton on 3-1-08 Saturday Night Live

And oh yea . . . RUDY was there, too . . .

And Vincent appears in the end credits: HERE.