Sunday, March 2, 2008

Laughter is the best medicine, so this is what I'm "self medicating" with today- video humor (most parody or feminist)

I'm so worn out from dealing with our respective medical situations, I can barely think in English or German, much less Spanish or advanced physiology.

So rather than get wired on caffeine (which is certain to turn my stomach into the lower GI equiv. of a roman candle) I'm putting my mind in park to recoup a bit before I head off to deal with other household needs... and hopefully find myself able to study again, just for sh-ts and giggles :< !

I've been wanting to do a parody of the "" commercials for some time (ever notice how the couples are never mixed race, and always wear nauseatingly coordinated "lands end" outfits?) but even that kind of sardonic creativity is beyond me now, so I found some good parodies on Youtube, and some other fun stuff.

Women- know your limits!

70s era doll commercial... the mind just reels (and salivates) at the thought of a feminist deconstruction/critique of this one!

60s era Tupperware Party commercial... another one I'd just love to sink my feminist teeth into... the scary thing is that- unlike the first video- this is FOR REAL, they actually lived that way, and looked at women that way!

Finally, a brilliant original piece by Brittany Dolynchuk

In her own words she describes it thusly...

This video is mean't to show how young girls look at magazines and see a distorted unrealistic Photoshopped images that are meant to depict real beauty. It tries to show some of the crazy things young girls and women do to themselves in order to meet such an impossible standard. It is inspired by the commercial from Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, and I think it really is self explanatory in showing how we have lost our grasp on what it really means to be truly beautiful inside and out.

Now on to the "E-harmony" parodies, with no additional commentary or ado.

This one is a real commercial, but is very well done, very funny, and does raise the same issue I wonder about with them.

"" parody... very funny and edgy/offensive.


SnarkAngel said...

OMG! The Crissy doll! My sister had one of those. I used to pull the hair all the way out and fling her around playing "Helicopter," making my poor sister scream in horror! Good times!

That tupperware commercial was probably part of the inspiration for "The Stepford Wives."

Okay, admit it. The parody couple you liked the MOST was the "Goth" couple. LOL

Boston_Betty said...'s a bit risque' but I'd like to see that doll with a matching merken!

The Rug Goth said...

Betty- that would be fun... and I bet its been done over at Fetish Dollies which is over in Val's land. Given their more restricted freedom of the press, I'm amazed she can get away with it, and that either the purity police or Mattel's lawyers haven't smacked her down.

Snark- but of course!

Tess' doctor is pissed that I've not shown up in pure goth for an appointment, so I'll have to next time. I bet the Anvil/Gino's crowd is too. So I will one of these days... but like the knights who say ni I shall demand a sacrifice.

No shrubberies though, its gotta be something wearable or "pervartable"- the former can be for me, Tess, or the dogs. The latter... as crazy wild as we are, we are ardently faithful to each other and to our species, so... . ;>