Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Brief History of the United States



Right Mike said...

"I loves my gun"

I really do love my guns though. If they take my guns away, I'm leavin the country.

Funny though.

Right Mike said...



Right Mike said...

Any ways uncle dean i called your cell phone and some mexican chick answered so im assuming i have the rong number
so i wanted to know
if u wanted to do somthing next week cause i have spring break and im not doing anything
i could take train downtown or somthing
Call my house
or just respond on here

Boston_Betty said...

Hey Mike,

If you come to Chicago, see if your uncle will take you to dinner at Ginos. Bob and I would try to make it out there to say hello.

Right Mike said...

Alright I still can't figure it out, but some how his numbers in my phone wrong as a 12 digit number.

val said...

"If they take my guns away, I'm leavin the country."

Mike, where will you go? The rest of the "civilised" world won't let you have guns anyway.

Thanks for the history lesson, Betty. I understand now ???!!?

Right Mike said...

Best military in the world, only as small as the country. Everyone joins the army at 16 and is in the reserves till their 40, they even get to keep there Sturmgewehr's when they leave, and I was speaking metaphorically, I don't want to live in a country where I can not legally own a gun(by the age of 18). Even here legally I can have a rifle or shotgun if an adult gives it to me.

Just Catie said...

God bless America and the NRA. I say that everytime some nut job opens fire at a school or shopping mall. After all, as a criminal defense attorney, I know it is our constitutional and God given right to shoot whoever we want. When Charleton Heston stated that they could pry his gun from his cold dead hands, my gut reaction was to ask, "Is that an option?"

Boston_Betty said...

Hmmmmmmm...considering Charlton Heston is suffering from Alzheimer's, I believe, I don't think he should be allowed to play with guns anymore anyway...for his own good, if not humanity's.

Snark, if you're reading, sorry we didn't get to see you Friday night, but Bob wasn't feeling well so we decided to stay home, especially since Thursday was an unexpectedly late night we hadn't anticipated staying out so long to begin with. Of course, when you're having fun, those 'common sense' neurons are slow to fire off.

Mike, I assume you never made it into Chicago over the weekend, so I don't think Gino's would've been an option.

Take care all...

Right Mike said...

Well we are spost to do somthing monday or tuesday if GD can get of work

Boston_Betty said...

Okay, Mike...well, try to give me some notice anyway. I'm leaving for business to Boston Wednesday evening and will be gone for a week.