Tuesday, March 18, 2008

White America-Hating Evangelical Preachers Found!

OMFG, and it's not Fred Phelps!

It's Pat Roberstson, John Hagee and Jerry Falwell.

And they are spiritual advisers to presidents and Republican candidates alike.

Oh, I forgot. IOKIYAR. 'Cos ya know, they've been the God Squad for, oh, I dunno, like. forever.

Or maybee it's just a white religious privilege to spew vile and hateful things. I'm just sayin'.

Or maybe everyone should just shut up and leave the preachers to their dank, creaking pulpits, preferably off my teevee, and off all of the campaign dog-and-pony shows.

(BTW-God just told me he thinks this Blog is "Teh Awesome!! I said, "Thanks, we try. Please keep coming back.")


SnarkAngel said...

God is a "he"?????? Nah . . . can't be . . .

val said...

It's such a relief to come over here (and one or two pagan places) and find that not all Americans are bible-bashing right-wing god-freaks.

Most people in the UK who go to church (new Polish immigrants excepted) only seem to do so to get their kids into church schools, which often perform better.

SnarkAngel said...

Actually, Val, many people living in large cities like Chicago do the same thing, because they prefer to have their children educated in DECENT schools (as opposed to lousy and dangerous PUBLIC schools), and the "decent," more affordable private schools happen to be sponsored by one variety or another of organized religion. Unfortunately, that usually means you can't get a good science lesson without getting a good sermon, too.

Boston_Betty said...

The Poles, at least in Poland, are a particularly nasty brand of Catholics and tend to be very intolerant towards Jews, Muslims and homosexuals. It's too bad having a Polish Pope enboldened them in a rather negative way.