Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bizarre Chicago - Beware the man eating dumpster! ~~~ Disturbing plaster street art

These are today's "Bizarre Chicago" videos. I also took some great alley videos, and I'm continuing to compile stills of the dogs and the alleys for slide shows I'll be working up sometime in the "sometime between now and when Terre Haute Indiana freezes over" future.

Plaster whathellisit

Wait for it, its at the end of the video.

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Beware the man eating dumpster!

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SnarkAngel said...

I'm not sure which is scarier . . . the "venus flytrap"-like dumpster, or the heart-shaped plaster thingy with the hole in the top. What the hell is that hole for? God, I really DO LOVE living in the city! LOL

The Rug Goth said...

Yeh, that dumpster was something else... I could hear it banging in the wind all the way from Granville (its close to the Rosemont end.)

But that plaster cast (which was left near the Anvil, BTW)... wow... thinking about such things makes the brain hurt!

The flowers and cold cuts on the dumpster at least had some sense to them... someone obviously raided Dom's dumpster and had very particular tastes in what he retrieved... but the plaster cast...

1) Why make it in the first place?

2) How did it end up on the sidewalk the the Anvil & Furniture store?

And once those are figured out, we can solve the problem of cold nuclear fusion! *grin*

Be watching, Snark... I just took some hideously ugly stills and video from your alley- the concertina wire fence next to your bldg, the one with all the plastic bags caught up in it, and the "Dr. Seuss" trees on the Glenlake end of the alley.