Sunday, March 2, 2008

The dogs are doing well, but they're getting worn out taking care of US

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Everyone knows the proverb/aphorism "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" but my research hasn't turned up anything definitive as to its origin. It seems to have been around in some form for hundreds if not thousands of years... which makes sense, since chains have been too!
In any case, this aphorism and image are an apt summary of how things are with me and Tess right now.... and to go into more detail would take more time and energy than I have, or background on us than most any of you have.

Just a few tidbits which don't require so much explaining...
  • We believe we have isolated out why Tess' migraines have been so intractable since November, and are addressing it. When we'll see the fruits of that, I don't know, but I know many of you are wondering and worried (and THANK YOU for both! ) so...
  • Tess is really taking to the concept and action of blogging. I expect she'll be more active and INTERactive on multiply and "whygod" than I for the foreseeable future.
    • And speaking of Tess and "whygod"- a special request... she doesn't know I'm making this... (she's asleep as I should be except that one of my "weak links" is acting up on me)
      • If you'd like to engage her in talking about life, spirituality, etc., but don't want to join "whygod" please let her know, so she can consider posting to her blog more too. Blogging is becoming an important lifeline to external reality and human interaction for her... its damn near the only one she has, so... .
  • As for me... the same realities which became so overwhelming that I had to draw back from the amount and nature of my virtual interaction remain so. Some are a little better, some dramatically worse (I don't know what's up with my gut, but its nothing good, and its become a figurative and literal pain in the @ss!)
  • I have realized one thing... after what- 25 years of interaction with other people on the computer, starting with the old dial up BBS powered by caged hamsters in the 80s... that the one thing which cannot be accomplished in virtual reality is the establishment and enjoyment of Gem├╝tlichkeit. (If you don't speak the superior German language click here to read what it means.)
    • You can do some of the groundwork for its establishment, as I did with the BBS parties I hosted back in the 80s, or as Snark does with the PaN crowd at Gino's and the Anvil now, but... there is no such thing as virtual gem├╝tlichkeit!
  • So... I'll continue posting pictures and videos of interest both places, but keeping my head down on Multiply.
  • Finally- this deserves a post of its own, but I'm too exhausted from life to do it now... the death of William F. Buckley Jr. is striking a powerful resonance with my feelings for my father. My earliest memories of my father include his introducing me to The National Review, and helping me to learn to read by sitting with me as I read it... always starting with WFB's column.

A nice Youtube tribute to WFB-jr


SnarkAngel said...

It is interesting and hopeful to hear that there may be an understanding of the recent intensity of Tess' migraines, but I am also hopeful that you will be able to find a cause for your own affliction. Puppy facials are fabulous, but they aren't (as of yet, anyway) a COMPLETE cure-all. Please keep us posted . . .

The Rug Goth said...

Yeh... this is getting so fecking old... I'm about to go on a liquid diet and just take vitamins. I like the "throne room" as much (if not more) than most guys, but this is a MAJOR pain the @ss... figuratively and literally.