Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ya'll / Youse Guys will have to party on without me for a while

I'm so out of it, I've not even turned on my PC in days.
  • I have shot some great video (interview with another eco-warrior recycler at the dumpster, the Red & Purple lines, etc,) but now the memory card is filled, and its just going to have to say that way.
  • Finally got good pix of the "Dr. Seuss" tree too, but, they'll wait too.
  • I Haven't even been up to doing my rugs!

When I'm not actively being sick, I'm sleeping off the results.Tess is no better than she's been since November either.We're keeping our respective spirits up, and the dogs are doing their part.

Barb- my MiL- gets back from vacation Saturday. She doesn't know how sick we each are... she's a mother, she'd worry about it instead of enjoying herself.

We have both been to the doctor about our respective problems, and we each have follow up appointments. I'm too exhausted from how long this has been going on to even say whether any of the meds are helping us. I still can point out where north is at any time, and guess what time it is plus or minus three minutes, but beyond that, my functionality & productivity are only marginally above Tess'.


Boston_Betty said...

You guys take care of your selves and try to get a lot of fresh air...with the weather getting better, it will be easier soon.

SnarkAngel said...

Are you able to go to classes or study at all? Hobbies can go by the wayside for awhile; but school is so important. Just keep us posted and we all hope you feel much better SOON!

The Rug Goth said...

No class, mind's been too foggy to study. One prof is very understanding... the other hasn't answered my emails back, but doesn't matter so much, as its an "elective" class, not one I need for nursing.