Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, cruel, cruel nature! least in this video, we see the poor pigeon actually put up a commendable fight!


SnarkAngel said...

Live pigeon. Ick. That pelican couldn't find anything better to chow down on?

Boston_Betty said...

THat's the thing....those pelicans are fed by tourists all day, but I guess it just decided 'Hey, a pigeon, trying to eat my bread again! I'm going fix these fuckers once and for all and eat one!"

A couple of years ago I was at McDonald's, sitting out on the patio and there were a bunch of pigeons and sparrows begging for food...a couple of seagulls, too. I threw down a couple of French fries and a seagull went for it...but not before a sparrow dived in and snatched it. Before the sparrow could fly off, though, the seagull grabbed the sparrow in it beak and flew off! Pretty horrid shit! The next seagul that ran over got a boot in the ass from me as I got up, because I was all guilted out about the sparrow!