Sunday, March 23, 2008

A View from the Sidelines/NEW RULES

Those who know and love me will attest to the fact that my life has been a little.......insane? lately. After my car engine blew up last Friday, my life got a bit more insane. That said, it appears I missed the drama that transpired as well. Having spoken to all parties involved, I am willing to offer my opinions and comments to be either read or scrolled past.

Snark - you were correct in feeling that Gunga's post to RG was rude and insensitive. Regardless of how much was consumed prior to the post, a next day recall would have been appropriate. However, having spoken to GD, I can understand that he was loathe to go back and review the carnage the next day to possibly remove the post and clean up some of the carnage. Regardless of whether or not you return to the blog, you will forever remain in my heart and, while I am working, will become a part of my new Friday night routine.

Gunga - NEW RULE: NO blogging post yeager meister induced semi comas. Deal? We have all been there and drunk dialed, drunk emailed and yes, drunk posted. Having spoken to you Friday in person, I can attest to the fact that you were truly sorry and upset when you finally came to and viewed the havoc you had imposed on the blog. I, for one, have forgiven you already and hope that others will forgive as well. Go forth and sin no more.

RG - You were right to feel upset that GD jumped down your throat and the fact it was in an alcohol induced haze did not make it right. However, I got the sermon part of don't drink the first time you said it and didn't need it repeated in subsequent posts/comments. You are an amazing human being and like myself, are probably too smart for your own good. You have an amazing mind and a truly noble sense of humanity, but you tend to get long winded and preachy. Very preachy. I speak for noone but myself when I say the font thing is a bit annoying, but I choose to follow Howard Stern's advice, if you don't like it, don't read it or move past it. As with any long post, I tend to scroll past those that don't interest me and that includes rants by GD as well. We would all do well to follow the rule that less is more. As we discussed Friday, you really do need to get someone positive into your daily routine. I fear you slipping into the dark side and that is not good for anyone. I LOVE the puppies and can't wait to meet the wife. I really do like you and have no intention of letting you go from my life either.

RM - Dude, we gotta chat. Having completed three years of law school with Matthew Hale, I have to say that some, if not most, of what you post is disturbing at best. I have two teenaged boys myself and they have lots of friends. What I see, when I read what you write, is a very unhappy teenager full of angst and issues. You need someone to listen and guide you in a positive direction. I am not your mother and this is none of my business, but this is what I feel.

As for the other posters, I have nothing more to say. I apologize for this taking longer then I anticipated to get posted, but I was extremely productive yesterday. I find that having a reason to get up every morning is very motivating towards the better use of your "down time".


Right Mike said...

disturbing, yea alot of crap is going on in my life, and I tend to post to extreme views. I know my gun rants are, shall we say scary, I probably sound like Ted Nugent on crack(although he's never done crack so who knows what that's like). But I don't want to get into that right now. Alot of things are messed up. My things about joining the military. are a bit scary and probably make me sound like a war mongering maniac.

My blog itself is a bit extreme, but I'm posting more neutral things right now, I can't go on any more political rants at the moment they just stress me out.

I'm not really going to go much deeper here on a blog. Thank you for also being acknowledging. I'm just gonna put up music and comedy on my blog for the next few days, I'm really not in the mood for politics so don't expect a big political debate from me right now guys.


and completely off topic but important, my mom wants to go on this blog so I think this will be interesting she dislikes when I talk about politics, doesn't like the music I like at all or almost any of my interests what so ever, but I don't really think she can stop me anyways because I'm not talking to her directly but there goes talking to you guys about parental issues.

The Rug Goth said...

Catie- I'd love you to meet my wife Tess too, I think you two have a lot in common!

The pix from Friday are at this page on my Multiply blog.

On the rest.....................

Once bitten twice shy...

But the point about saying something once and moving on is well made. Its something of my preacher's soul to iterate and reiterate, to say the same thing in five or six different ways to make sure it comes through.

And that's another thing- saying I come off as preachy... yeh, and I come off as tall too... and...? I'm an emphatic passionate person. I was that way long before I went to the Seminary to learn what direction to move my hands when making the sign of the cross, and I'll be that way to my dying day even if I never set foot in a pulpit again.

If you can't deal with intensity and passion, then you can't deal with me, that's the long and short of it. I once pretended to be someone and something other than who I am, but I shan't ever again... not here, not anywhere.

I think you slightly over-estimate the dark side aspect of Tess' and my life (you don't REALLY know us very well yet) but yeh, we do have a lot of pretty heavy MERDE going down. Given that, you can see how I'd be quite loathe to be involved in a situation which would open the door to more pathos in my life.

On the long winded part... guilty as charged. It takes MORE time to write a SHORT post. I type at over 100 words a minute, and my mind goes at least 10 times that rate. I don't have the time or energy to redact and edit down to a Reader's Digest version, so if that's whats needed or desired, then best not to expend the energy at all, cause what you've seen is what I've got to give.


Christ is arisen
He is risen indeed, alleluja!

Just Catie said...

RG - Ok, maybe it came out wrong when I said "dark side". What I meant to say is that inertia and despair and pain and blah can lead to more of the same. In other words, when does having a bad day become depression? I meant to say as well that to me it seems that you need some more "up" things in your life. Flowers, sunshine, magic fairies? I mean no harm and would never wish to cause anyone saddness.

RM - Dude, if you need to talk your uncle will give me your cell number. My boys are living with their dad in Japan so I have no more teens or teen angst to remind me of parenthood.

Anonymous said...

It is all ego

Right Mike said...

I wonder who anon is?