Friday, June 29, 2007


"Emotion-free crisis management" or "emotion-free pet management." Apparently, Mr. Mitt could give Chevy Chase a run for his money. The fact that he even disclosed this disgusting story to a reporter makes me wonder, not only about his judgment, but his sanity. If this is the length to which he has to go to prove his crisis-management skills, I think I'll take a pass. What a piece of dog sh*t . . .

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Andrew Sullivan On Impeaching Cheney

I think this has to be a first of some sort for Andrew:

A conservative (former Reagan lawyer Bruce Fein) makes the case. Conservatives should be more outraged by his assault on the law, the constitution and individual liberty. He's also clearly a war criminal - a knowing enforcer of torture and abuse of military detainees. We once executed Nazis for the same techniques as Cheney has approved and enforced. I don't want to see him impeached. I want to see him prosecuted under American and international law as a criminal.

I couldn't agree more. And Dammit, Sullivan is winning me back.

The Daily Show - Back in Black - 06.27.07 (2/3)


Bush's approval rating on FOX News of all places! Betting some pollsters are now looking for new jobs.

Also, Lewis Black, On the Daily Show last night, referred to the fact that that Fox News now has a comedy fake news show, "You know what fake news would give you on Fox News? Real News!!"

Ann Coulter Is A ....

Ann Coulter is a (Fill in the Blank*) Note how embarassed Joe Scarborough is.

*as long as you postscript your response with "I'm joking!" or "I'm only offering legitimate political discourse!" (as opposed to intercourse).

P.S. Who's the thin-skinned "harridan" here?


Dedicated to one of the most lovable guys we've ever known . . . and one of my favorite bartenders . . . Rest In Peace, Robbie. We love you. We miss you.

I Get Letters. What's Your Preference?

Dear (Gunga, dammit!) Dean:

Thank you for writing to express your opposition to the military's current "don't ask, don't tell" policy. I am glad that we agree on this issue.

I support repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Attempts to divide people like this have consumed too much of our politics over the past six years. The essential test for military service should be patriotism, a sense of duty, and a willingness to serve, not sexual preference. I will be sure to remember your views and share them with my colleagues in Congress as I urge them to take timely action on this issue.

Dean, thank you again for writing. I hope you will continue to stay in touch.


Barack Obama
United States Senator

My preference is lot's!

One Breath

Republicans who have been convicted or are currently under criminal investigation in a single breath?

Everybody Segregate Tonite!

'Cos we all know how that worked!

Actually, I am all for separate but equal....

Facilities (of incarceration) for Republicans. (They tend to stink up the joint.)

P.S.T. In case you haven't noticed, you have to hand it to the GOP, they have convictions.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is a very special "WELCOME" to my sistah-girl, DA DOT! One of her fave subjects. Enjoy da blog, Baby! Now listen up, cuz I KNOW you're gonna LOVE this one. Nobody does sh** like this quite like Ms. Wanda. Literally!

Peace out . . . and don't forget to flush!


Watch for the poodle wink.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I see Delicious On Toast has joined our merry band of contributors!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Too Funny!


For accepting a spot on the Iraq Study Group in the Spring of 2006 when he
was thinking of running for (Duce) President and being
forced to resign for not attending
and saying it was because he was thinking
of running for (Lord of the Sith) President in the Fall of 2006. But Rudy is a man
with other priorities, like running for (Dark Lord of Mordor) President while
exploiting the death of others for fun and PROFIT!:

(Strikethru) Anyone know how to copy strikethru's?


The Bush administration is:
80.12 percent

Keep Track Here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hillary Clinton Today!!

My very close to accurate paraphrase...

Q: "Should openly gay people be allowed to serve"

HC: "To quote Barry Goldwater: 'You don't have to be straight
to shoot straight!' Let them serve!!!"

Well whaddayaknow!!!!

Repeal DADT now!

Sign the petition here

Danger Will Robinson!!!!

This blog is Rated:

Due to:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following
gay (5x)
shit (3x)
bomb (2x)
dead (1x)

Found via Shakesville

I blame SnarkAngel...

.......... for not getting us to "NC-17".

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lift The Ban




I mean, it is Gay Pride Month!!!

And on the Other Side

Markos had a good breakdown of whats right and wrong with the Democratic front runners:

Shorter Kos:

Clinton: Admit the war vote was wrong and move on. And stop being a Clinton.
Me? I suspect she'll again throw the gays under the bus just like her other half did.

Edwards: What kind of cheap ass idiot already slandered by the right as being a rich, out of touch, pretty boy, gets a $400.00 haircut on the campaign contributors' dime when that kind of expense has to be disclosed, reported and then made available for further ridicule.
Me? Didn't know it was paid for with campaign dollars. I want my 25 bucks back that I donated after the Coulter smear!

Obama: Give us something, anything of substance. Stop being so over-consulted and over-cautious. Stand for something! Case in point; the showdown with Hillary at the Iraq supplemental fight as to who could vote last and least noticed. (Thankfully you both voted against this bill).
Me? Guess what. We are all pissed at those who voted for this 2nd bill so you both lost a friggin' opportunity to break out by voting loudly and proudly first against this piece of crap. And stop the slimy shit your campaign has been pulling of late.

Richardson: Get your act together and act presidential!

Read the whole thing.

Anyway. I'll support any of one of them. None of these are fatal flaws. BUT LEAD, GODDAMMIT!!!

And it sure beats the shit out the Car full of Circus Clowns running on the other side.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Check Out This Screen Saver

My contact sez its the most popular in the world:

Go Figure!

Repub Reviews

Can't beat these reviews from The Carpetbagger Report:

* Rudy Giuliani — Matt Taibbi recently made the case that the former NYC mayor is actually “worse than Bush.” Giuliani is autocratic, thin-skinned, and self-absorbed. He’s inexperienced, ignorant about policy specifics, and his only selling point (performance on 9/11) doesn’t stand up well to scrutiny. His campaign is built around demagoguery — driven solely by fear.

* John McCain — A shadow of his former self, the senator appears to be a man who’ll do anything to win. McCain is combative and intolerant of dissent. He defends the indefensible and lashes out angrily at anyone who dares to disagree with him. He’s become dishonest, condescending, and egotistical, while pandering shamelessly to some of the worst elements in Republican politics.

* Mitt Romney — The man appears to have no real convictions at all. On most of the major political issues of the day, Romney believed the exact opposite fairly recently, and has struggled to explain his metamorphosis from moderate governor to far-right candidate.

* Fred Thompson — The actor/lobbyist/senator doesn’t seem to have any real rationale for seeking the presidency, other than the belief he might win. Thompson is at least as phony as Romney — the red truck story should be humiliating to him — and developed a Bush-like reputation for being lazy and incurious. He considers moving to northern Virginia “getting out of Washington” and his most valuable skill seems to be his ability to pretend to be someone else.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paul sings Nessun Dorma high quality video/sound

I hate reality tv and then this happens.

Gay Bombs 2

Shamelessly lifeted from Americablog via Joe Graci:


I am really worried. Seriously. If this is at all representative of our nation's "military minds," is it any wonder the situation in Iraq has become such a quagmire? The fact that Pentagon officials actually admitted to spending $7.5 million on this "project" is downright embarrassing. This is our tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen. Read it and weep. Then, and only then, maybe we'll be able to actually laugh at the sheer stupidity of it all.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Next Divine Ms. M!

I saw my niece in a dance recital.

She flew in on gossamer wings.

She danced to and sang (she couldn't resist singing, even in ballet) Sondheim.

She pranced and strutted, or may I say, delivered, "Broadway Baby"!

In this debut, she was accompanied by an equally talented posse of like-aged five year old vixens.

However, like Cassie of "A Chorus Line", she was, just maybe, just a half step into the lead. At a mere five stage weathered years, she has already taken on Sondheim as her muse. When she is 85 that muse will still serve her well.

Now my brother has erred, a wee bit, in coaching her that the lines are:

"I don't need a lot...

Only what I got...

Plus a tube of greasepaint,

And a bottle of scotch"

However, watching this charming star turn gives me such joy and hope for the next generation.

The accompaning chorus line of around 12 sublimely gifted fey five year old's were perfectly placed on stage, though not yet knowing of terms like "scenery chewing star turns", so they remained blissfully unawares that they were merely supporting players, whilst still aiming towards that final goal of the big finish, consisting of a Busby Berkleyesque choreographed pinwheel of epic proportions.

My divine niece, noting that one had not held to her queue, would not allow the poor hapless babe into the final line-up.

An "Auntie Mame", "I Love Lucy", moment soon ensued.

It was the funniest thing I ever seen. Pure "Funny Girl" Babs hilarity.

However, later, tragedy did strike.

Grandmother, Mom, Dad, Uncle Gunga, and Uncle Boris, all wished this delightful diva the best of luck through the theatrical tradition of theatre-speak: "Break a Leg".

A jealous and bitter neighbor child beast, 8 years old and old-enuf-to-know-better-bully-boy pushed her off her bike and did just that.

Kudos, to my 8 year old nephew, Master D, who chivalrously confronted the demon child and rescued the fair niece, without bloodshed, nor further inflaming a tense situation.

As my delightful Albuquerque friend and theatre aficionado would call it: "THAT DIRTY RAT BASTARD!" punk kid.

Thankfully, it all happened post performance, and she is now wearing, triumphantly, a positively dah'ling pink cast with matching petite pink crutches.

Always, always, remember to accessorize!

To my most special and adored niece M., You razzle-dazzled me, and may this light glow from now to eternity.

And to quote our muse:

"Give us more to see!"

OK Call Me A Pro M. Biased Uncle Gunga.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Overheard at CHARLIES on Saturday

Bartender to Patron 1: "Can I get you a beer?"

Patron 2: "Get him a life. I'll pay for it."

Bartender to Patron 2: "I thought you already were."

Friday, June 1, 2007