Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Headline's Write Themselves

Via Pam's House Blend & Raw Story

Sen. Craig may not yet be ready to release grip on Senate seat

Guerrilla Art on the CTA

This really cracked me up, as noted over at the CTA Tattler:

Pac-Man-like graphics pop up on CTA emergency signs

"Today on the train somebody wanted to take a picture of the cartoonish emergency exit instructions. There are four pictures, but someone has cleverly (in the same style as the originals ) replaced three of the pictures.

"One picture shows the train flooded with water, the other (2nd from top) shows the figure crawling on the floor and one figure emerging from the box next to the door and the lower picture shows a giant hand shaking the train as it approaches the platform. This was done on one car only, however, cleverly done."

Check out the links for some photos of the graphics.

Also, Anna notes in the comments at CTA Tattler:

There's at least one more set running on the Red Line (noticed at Howard one night when the laughter was sorely needed). They are as follows:

#1: Tiny ninja cutting off figure's ear
#2: Car filled with figures, one figure crowd-surfing
#3: Extremely large hand picking up right hand car
#4: Conductor with devil horns and pitchfork looming over the damned (on the track)
#5: Figure jump-kicking the train off of the track.

Is Our Children Learning? Part Deux

From Reuters: "Childrens do learn," Bush tells school kids

During his first presidential campaign, Bush -- who promised to be the "education president" -- once asked: "Is our children learning?"

On Wednesday, Bush seemed to answer his own question with the same kind of grammatical twist.

"As yesterday's positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured," he said.

I guess that would be a "Yes".


And what the fuck is wrong with Yale and Harvard that they allowed this man in, much less graduate?

My only explanation would be affirmative action for priviledged, literately challenged, white boys.

Please go back to talking with your mouth full. If we can't make out what you're saying we won't have to hear any more of this.

Why Doesn't He Just...

...change his name to Rudy Nineleviani?

Giuliani fundraiser costs $9.11 per person

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

David Shuster And Marsha Blackburn (Tucker)

And here's why I love David Shuster subbing for dickhead Tucker Carlson. Rep Blackburn(R-TN) slapdown. I am donating $25.00 to in her name and $25.00 to her opponent's campaign because Tennessee and our country deserve better!

Lucy Lawless singing with Bonnie Tyler

One for the girls and one for the boys... And one for my favorite Zena: Alyson!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Watching Tucker Now

'Cos that dick is on vacation.

And David Shuster is hosting!!!!


I hope these guys were only visiting and are not home grown. The might stumble in and order at Gino's North and perplex if not vex our Boris.

Bloviating Gasbags In the Democratic Party

If you got this question, wouldn't you suspect Republican pollsters:

"Some people say [your Democratic incumbent] is a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton and will support her liberal agenda of big government and higher taxes if she becomes president," the poll stated, before asking respondents whether they would still vote for their incumbent or choose a Republican candidate.

But nooooooooo!!!!!!! Democrat pollsters asked it.

And it appears it comes from the ol' gasbag himself:

More importantly, why isn't Cillizza telling us that Celinda Lake (the pollster) works for the rival Biden campaign. I know he knows this, because he told me himself.

That's it, assholes, use the typical Repug stereotyping of Dems to damage the entire party.

And just when I was starting to take to Joe "The Bloviator" Biden.

Via Echaton

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Yes folks, we NEED this! For those of us working in large cities, and for large, gay-friendly companies, it's easy to forget that so many others thoughout the nation face employment discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identification on a constant basis. After thirteen years of attempts to make ENDA the law, it's something that is WAY overdue. Make your voices heard.

Just click here: HRC makes it easy.

While the bill, as drafted, is not perfect, it's a BIG step in the right direction. And it has bipartisan support. So if the bill gets through Congress, and if Bushie vetoes, he will once again piss off way too many people and smear more shit across the face of "Republican" presidency. So there's always an upside. But first, the bill must get through Congress.

Get details about ENDA here.

And heeeeeeeeeeeere's BARNEY (nearly 5 months ago):


Dedicated to all tea-room queens everywhere . . . closeted or not . . .

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Looks like the Mormons have found a rather innovative way to proselytize. This is their latest message of hope and faith. Gee, I'm so "moved." I expect we'll be seeing some very hot "latter days" ahead . . .

"For the first time ever, twelve of the hottest and hunkiest former Mormon Missionaries have dared to pose bare-chested in the first-ever Mormons Exposed calendar. The 2008 calendar, dubbed Men on a Mission, feature sexy men of faith who have all returned from serving as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Usually seen riding their bicycles and preaching door to door, these steamy young men explode with sexuality on each calendar page.

"Behind the eye-candy, this calendar has a deeper story -- one that can reshape perceptions, heighten awareness, and perhaps encourage and inspire a broadened acceptance of human and religious diversity. The fact that twelve young returned missionaries are posing shirtless will certainly raise eyebrows, but may also help to sort out some common misconceptions about Mormons. The shock value of what these traditionally conservative young men have helped to create has the power to build a dialogue that encourages people across every belief system and walk of life to defy stereotypes and embrace tolerance.

"Activate My Body" used by permission
The Perry Twins"


An absolute classic . . . and one of my PERSONAL favorites . . . for your consideration . . .


... as to why Osama Bin Laden has not yet been captured ...

(NOT WORK -SAFE, therefore, not embedded; edited due to Catie's li'l accident at work)

... and it's worse than I imagined ...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

At long last..........

I have found both a new home and a new roomie. This crazed woman can settle down for a life of simple pleasures as the seasons roll forward and the dreadful days of summer come to an end. For those who are not familiar, the apartment is HUGE and the roomie is a 41 year old gay male hairdresser (I know, redundant).

When the place is painted and the kitchen is up and running, there WILL be an open house. After what I went through to find the place and the roomie, YES, you all need to be jealous of my new space.

To those who have endured the nightmarish ride with me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of the last drink you bought me..........without you I would be ranting and sober alone, surely no way to go through life.

And while I was worried about the state of my pending homelessness, it did my heart good to see Rove and Gonzalez know the door would hit them in their azzez on the way out AND that YES, the numbers could go lower then that.

Now that I am settled and the White House's foundations are crumbling, we as a people united need to choose the person to lead this country out of the ditch.

And Then There Was That Moment...

When Dubya ran up to the podium and breathlessly exclaimed into my TeeVee Screen:

"We Got Him!!!!"

And I asked myself, "OBL?"

No, Saddam


6th Anniversary

6 years plus a few months since our feckless leader received a memo titled "Osama Bin Laden Determined To Attack USA."!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Years 11 Months 3 Weeks since someone said, "We'll get him, Dead or Alive!"

Could someone, PLEEEZE, tell me why this man is still on my TeeVee.

Either One.