Monday, March 26, 2007

Off for a Week

To a computer free beach. Feel free to change the theme, or start a meme...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bill Maher: New Rules For Bush and Cheney

"Mark Twain said: 'Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.'"

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Whitney Houston- Home

Here's the YouTube. It was deleted when I corrected a typo.

Shorter Evader In Chief Presser Yesterday

"Trust Us"

Can't see why we shouldn't have faith that this administration would be anything less than forthcoming.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Here's a clip from the show I saw yesterday.

"The Wiz" at the Theatre Building

As posted below, my brother's family and I went and saw the White Horse Theatre Company's version of "The Wiz" yesterday. It's young energetic cast delivering a very fun, well staged, and choreographed version of this gem. The entire cast (of 13!) seemed like they were enjoying themselves immensely. They've got what it takes, and they deliver.

Kudos go to Shayla Jarvis who played the Addaperle, Good Witch of the South, very sassy and streetwise.

More Kudos to Michele Cason, as Glinda who delivered a star turn with "Believe" and Bethany Thomas who filled the tiny stage with a huge, barreling, raucous voice as Evillene in "No Bad News" .

And Samara Smith's Dorothy was perky and starry eyed. She delivered a very commendable closer with "Home". She also snuck in a fun little line, on trying on the silver slippers: "and they fit, too!" Cracked me up.

One fun note, Special thanks to the Munchkin (and Lion), Dwight Neal, who slipped in a quick wink from stage to my five year old niece. It is such things that help birth a love of theatre. After the show my niece could not resist a quick turn of interpretive dance on the stage as we were leaving. I think her moves were "Wiz' inspired.

I first saw "the Wiz" 30 years ago at the Shubert, during a high school Thespian Group outing. (Curiously, my brother was also there) I think it may have been my first "downtown" musical. It would be the 1st of many, many shows. I loved the music then and still do. I started seriously watching the Tonys that year.

About 15 years ago Stephanie Mills recovered a wizened version of her "Home" that you will often find me downloading on the the jukebox at the Anvil. (All together now as we slap the bar "like! Yours! Like! MINE!!!!!....."). This was the version that should have been in the movie. (Alas, the Mills' versions on YouTube are VHS copies of copies and barely watchable.)

And the movie version? Good, but unsatisfying.

Until the end, that is. Then it becomes a version of Diva Smackdown with "Home" and "Believe". You can almost read Diana Ross' mind as she does her Dorothy turn on "Home", going "I best be good as that Diva is gonna follow me, and eat me alive!" That Diva being Lena Horne, ravishing, as she unleashes a fiery and spine-tingling "Believe".

Now That's Star Power!

Whitney Houston- Home

Just saw a delightful bare bones version of "The Wiz" from White Horse Theatre Company at the Theatre Building here in Chicago. While looking for Ms. Mills' version I found this little surprise. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Greenman Du Jour

Somebody's mother picked up woodcarving about year ago. I asked how I could finagle getting adopted so I could end up on her birthday and Christmas gift list 'cos this is the talent that is emerging.

Stupid People And The Internets

Don't they know that this bunch a tubes does leave fingerprints? So to circumvent White House record keeping requirements under the Presidential Records Act they send their self-incriminating emails offsite using addresses with extensions such as "" or "":

One email, sent to Justice Department Chief of Staff D. Kyle Sampson from J. Scott Jennings, White House Deputy Political Director, uses an email account,, on a server owned by the Republican National Committee. This raises serious questions about whether the White House was trying to deliberately evade its responsibilities under the PRA, which directs the president to take all necessary steps to maintain presidential records to provide a full accounting of all activities during his tenure.

A number of other emails from Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove’s former assistant Susan Ralston to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff document Ms. Ralston’s use of three outside domains: (used for the headquarters of the Republican National Committee), and In many of these emails Ms. Ralston is communicating inside White House information to Mr. Abramoff in response to Mr. Abramoff’s efforts to broker deals for his clients and place specified individuals in positions within the administration.

But then again these people are not known as being the sharpest knives in the drawer, are they?

Gotta Love CREW! And the people that just keep them sooooooooooooo busy!

Gonzalez Countdown Has Commenced

How long before they throw AG under the bus?

Of course he will still be replaced by another just as incompetent political lackey.

Nonetheless, I give it a week.

And that's what you get for cutting Constitution class.

Ya just gotta just love how the Bush Administration has restored honor and integrity to the White House, as promised.

P.S. Of course the usual dead-enders are saying "Clinton Did It First". But then Clinton had an certain honorable Attorney General Janet Reno who, sensing scandal and conflict of interest, recused herself and recommended an independent prosecutor. Which gave us that fabulous puritanical scold and pornographer Kenneth Starr and his $40,000,000.00 tome on nothingness and so many puffs on a good cigar.

Maybe we should go there!

MadTV - iRack

Enuf Said!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ikea Commercial :: Tidy Up

This is too funny.

Watching The Manchurian Candidate

Have a feeling the Angela Lansbury character would kick Ann Coulter in the groin for dibs on center stage. Would make quite the Stiletto Heeled Mudfight Spectacular, though.

Come to think of it, Maybe 'F@&&0t' Annie bases her stage persona on Manchurian Mama.

Forgot the ending where Manchu Mama takes it the ta ta's.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Our Dear Leader

Never, in my memory, have we ever, as a nation, faced such incompetence in a leader in times of peril, real or imagined.

Our Dear Leader.

It is not to late for him to resign before we have to impeach his incompetent pathetic ass out of office.


In a time of war, and when our nation's very existence is at stake, as we are constantly reminded, a leader does not try to divide, but rather a leader tries to unite, to bury hatchets, to galvanize a nation to face the peril at hand. This man, failed at every opportunity. When we needed consensus, small man chose to divide.

When the world was with us he chose to taker his Ivy League C-Grade route and flip them the almighty finger.

And then came the lies, the mendacity, and the utter greed, oil, contractors, fear mongering, Extra-Constitutional activities in which we are stripped of the very freedoms that he says they hate us for. McCarthyite tactics employed to label dissent as treason. Rally the multitudes to "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" (unless they come back alive but injured to Walter Reed Medical Center, in which case roaches, rot and other vermin await).

Where truly patriotic whistle blowing is labeled "aiding and abetting", while the convenient, curiously well-timed leak that destroys those who actually do support the troops and the nation goes unpunished, even as the trail of Machiavellian detritus leads ever closer to the Oval Office door .

And then the medals. Every f'up in this administration gets one. Katrina? medal, Iraq? Medal. Iran? Future medal. Just wait and watch.

The honorable thing would be for him to resign while the citizens of this nation still have those freedoms, that they hate us for, to defend.


A saint, next to the putrescence wafting down Pennsylvania Avenue these days.

The nation that was the shining city on the hill to the the world is now regarded with shock and dismay by our once loyal and trusted allies.

And then the war we should and had the right to fight, Afghanistan, lost even as the enemy ("dead or alive" Bin Laden) wanders free to plot and plan. Was he ever regarded as the real enemy he truly is or does having him around serve as some sort of McGuffin, to keep us all afraid?

Count me in as one patriot who has actually read and believes in our Constitution and also, believes that, this time, the impeachable "high crimes and misdemeanors" have been committed, in the name of avaricious or political gain. And I believe, we still have a choice. The time is now, as once again, more capricious war drums are resonating.

And that's how I feel after a Jaeger has calmed me down.


And this post is subject to further rage and updating and reposting!

Yes this is how I really feel! These thoughts are not some talking points gathered from some secret email. This man is dangerous and must be stopped at all costs.

Count me in as utterly and completely, fed up!

Cleaned up the structure of these thoughts but not the content.

Doris Day - Secret Love

one more for "L"

Doris Day

For 'L' crossing over


And Flipped Off To Boot!


Don't be a bunch of ......