Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dear Senator Durbin:

Please explain further.

I can understand Tenet's silence. It's to be expected from the lumbering elephants. Their pattern is always: obfuscate, F'itUBAR, receive medal, resign, sit on hands for said predetermined period of years, write book, and collect millions.

However, when you knew we were being sold a bill of goods, regardless of the required sworn secrecy of the hearings, was there no opportunity to air the fact, to even hint, that the rationale being promulgated was nothing like what you had heard in super-top-secret meetings in the buildup to this fiasco of a war?

To your credit you did vote against it, and we should have noted that and questioned that fact in those oh so heady Rah! Rah! days.

However I do think we require further explanation of your possible complicity in the snow-job blown into our eyes in the selling of this war.

Just asking.

"Political Sea Change" vs. "Trust Us"

Please! Please Please!

Read this post from Glen Greenwald at Salon. It offers up the hope that we are finally taking back our country:

Most of what has occurred in this country under the Bush presidency has been effectively concealed -- mostly due to a broken, corrupt media and a malfeasant Congress -- but all of it is beginning to emerge, and the consequences will likely be as extreme as the corruption and deceit itself have been.

I have been a fan of this man since reading "How Would A Patriot Act".

This could be the beginning of a groundswell that might, just might, restore democratic principles and the constitutional rule of law to this nation.

Perhaps, this may even push the theocratic, hypocritical and utterly corrupt Republicans out of office for a generation or more. This, I gauge, is what it will take for them to rediscover their libertarian, "Party of Lincoln" roots.

Sometimes it just takes a generation for the old wheezing and rusted geriatroncratic kleptocracy to die off. (Pardon my deliberate redundancy.)

"Trust Us" Part 3

There are 9 more pages like this... (Click image to enlarge or follow this "Trust Us" Part 3" link yourself.)

"Trust Us" Part 2

Gonzo: 4/19/2007 Under Oath:

"Let me be clear about this: while the process that led to the resignations was flawed, I firmly believe that nothing improper occurred."

Trust Us!!!

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Ne me quitte pas (excellente qualité)

AKA "If You Go Away" or "Don't Leave Me Now".
You decide...


I do so much like going back and listening to the music I have posted. Probably only mine...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Attention RP'ers

I know there's at least 2 of you out there!

Go Vote!!!!!!!

Hopefully for this guy ;-)

Virginia Tech Tragedy


Many people are sounding off pro and con gun control. I don't think it would have made a difference.

With the hodgepodge of gun control laws thus far accumulated, any reform would take generations to get the guns off the street.

With concealed carry laws, yes, this might have been averted; but we would then be plagued with death by a thousand cuts as one or two on-campus murders a day might begin plaguing the nation. Turning our campus's into the post-pubescent Wild Wild West is probably not the best option.

I think the real issue is the deplorable state of of our mental health system. Even had the right people pre-identified the perp as a nutcase, a ticking timebomb...

How the hell could we, would we, should we, get him off the street.

Aw, Screw it! Let's all pack heat! Survival of the fittest, Baby! Darwin will then rule the day.

P.S. If people's packing, wouldn't it be fun to see these inbred mouthbreathers doin' a "Western Jig"?

BTW. I mean the link (to WBC)....

not the nuns

Sunday, April 15, 2007

When in the Course of Human Events

By injunction, KRove's emails were supposed to be saved. And yet...
Of the document dump, the only emails that were absolutely and completely accidentally deleted were KRove's.

And of course we buy the fact, that it was an unfortunate technical mishap.

I buy it!!

I've deleted emails by mistake and totally scrubbed my hard drive just by hitting that wrong button. Me, being technically challenged, have done this thousands of times, especially when they warn me that this is something specifically that I shouldn't do.

Therefore and just because, I have to say, I trust this our war president , and his staff, as we all know we should.

Hey, by the way, he is looking for a War Czar, because somebody needs to be in investigate and promulgate and execute and lead the GWOT ("Gone With Out a Trace" or "Gosh Where's Osama? There!")

I trust and believe!

Because that is what I am asked to do...

Udderly and completely.

Ass, it's my patriotic duty!

Because, to believe otherwise would give aid and comfort to the enemy in the Global War On Terror!

And with this Salutatory National Appraisal Regarding Kompetence, I am sure I am on my way to a nice tropical vacation in the Caribbean (you know, that special corner in GITMO s&r, (the Glorious Incredible Transcendental Meditation Offsite spa and retreat) where I shall relax and absorb the tropical fruits of American democracy.

Cos I Keep Thinking

My feeble post deleted due to me being just sooo lame.

Audra McDonald - What Can You Lose?/Not A Day Goes By

Hang on til the end... 'Cos its "Not A Day Goes By"

Finishing the Hat

For Richard

twenty-five years ago, you made me understand this song!

whooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

no reason......

just whoooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Stephen Sondheim

Ah Boris!

not a day goes by

To Boris! The best version of a song in a show done backwards.

Dinah Shore Ann Miller Robert Klein Charles Nelson Reilly

This woman almost ran me and Boris down one night in NYC in 2001 (Pre 9/11). She was short by then. However. She was escorting out Marnie Nixon fron the best version of Follies I ever saw!

BTW Marnie Sang an exquisite version of "One More Kiss".

I feel a rant coming on

OK, for everybody who doesn't get it. Our justice system is now corrupt. Every voter fraud "investigation" is suspect. When Rove is involved, no matter how "benignly" or malignantly, the whole process is failed, utterly and most completely, as it cannot meet the smell test!

Any Machievelli tests out there?

Saturday, April 7, 2007

A Piggy Ripe For Slaughter . . .

First, his penis should be sliced off and bar-b-qued so we can all celebrate this f**k-tard's castration with a teeny-weenie roast. Then we should ram an electrode up his ass to start cooking this fat piece of shit from the inside out. Perhaps this could be followed up with a ten-minute stay in a cell with ten convicted murderers. After all, this pig meat must be so tough that it requires some serious "tenderizing." Any other suggestions for preparation before we skewer him for the pig roast?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen . . . this is one of Chicago's own . . . an off-duty cop with a a license to do anything he pleases . . .

Sunday, April 1, 2007