Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Worked Very Hard

At this post, and the RG pushed me down at the moment of publishing...

Read it here

I have no fancy fonts. Just merely thoughts and inspiration.


The Rug Goth said...

Sorry bro- didn't mean to dis your post with my memorial to those two great men.

D'ya want me to hold off on posting when you have?

And I thought that the fonts of my posts... like their length, were a source of amusement perhaps but not consternation. I speak like I write, and I write like I speak, and it was fun to have the wits about me to do so after so long... or I thought it was.

What ever. I shot another video of the Loyola anti-war protest this morning. I've set it to upload. Let me know if I can/should post it

I have to go do some laundry so Tess has something to wear when the doctor admits her to the hospital tomorrow, as I fully expect to happen. She's been getting worse as I've been getting better.

Pax, peace, shalom, frieden, and all that.

SnarkAngel said...

The post itself was wonderful, but I didn't join up here for pissing contests. I thought it was going to be a small group having some fun. Anyway, the rest of you carry on. I'm outta here. At least for awhile. Feel free to remove me as co-mod. Maybe Betty would like the job.

The Rug Goth said...

I'm not sure what pissing contest Snark's referring to, but I sure didn't expect to have my use of fonts etc. carped about when I finally felt well enough to say something.

E-me with whether further colorful long winded posts from me are welcome, but I'm gonna assume NOT and be on my way.

Tess needs a hug, and I profoundly don't need this.

The Rug Goth said...

Well, both the videos of the anti-war protest signs and slogans at Ubuntu house on the corner of Winthrop & Rosemont are on Youtube, Veoh, and Multiply. I was already fading from being back in black to being more gray anyway, since I was up most of last night taking care of Tess, and I'm doing three loads of laundry now so she has her favorite things to wear should she be admitted to the hospital tomorrow as I expect.

I'll post whether or not she is over at my multiply blog should you want to know.

The post was well written, Dean, and suffered not for its lack of flamboyant formatting.
I'm just not engaging in discussions of religion, politics, or anything else controversial while Tess and I are in SUCH duress. That's why I didn't comment, not out of any lack of appreciation for your deep and heartfelt thoughts.

Boston_Betty said..., spring is upon us and Betty has a lot of shit to do in the way of spring cleaning and learning Spanish for Bob's and my upcoming trip, so more time in front of the computer is not what I need to be doing right now, but thanks for the thought, Snark.


I don't know if we will, but Bob and I are kicking around the idea of going out tonight, if anyone's going to be around.

The Rug Goth said...

Seriously bro', you've seemed pretty down for quite a long time. Flattened affect, lack of pleasure in things which normally would make you happy... .

I'm worried & concerned for you. Pot to the kettle, don't stew in your own bile too long, it'll eat you up. There are things which avail!

If ya want / need to talk about it, I'm here, and I've been there.

Hope to see youse guys/ya'll at Snark's 10th tomorrow. No idea what the doctor will do with/for Tess, but if I can be, I'll be there.

Gunga Dean said...

Pay no attention me. I was deep into a self-pity party, induced by overindulgence of evening libations.

The Rug Goth said...

I suspected something like that. Its amazing... people drink to "feel better" but alcohol's a MAJOR depressant.

If you find you keep throwing such parties, the guys down at New Town on Belmont between the "L" station and Clark are a wonderful "rainbow" bunch to turn to.