Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ach! Meine Gute!!! Deutsches Bier, Deutsches Brot und Deutsche Männer!!!

Definitely a couple of the Fatherland's cutest guys!


Right Mike said...

Jesus I'm German but i dont't wanna see that. lol
i guess its cause im straight but still WTF
so random
just a bunch of German guys in Speedos.
that was funny though
it made my day.

Boston_Betty said...

LOL! It's a gay thing, Mike, I wouldn't expect you to 'enjoy' it...but thought you'd at least enjoy the spoken German, if not the--errrrr--scenary.

Thanks for being open minded about this, nonetheless.

When you're of age, you'll have to come to Chicago with your uncle and I'll take you out for your first German beer at the Chicago Brauhaus! Prost!

SnarkAngel said...

Betty, kudos for trying to get the ratings up over here at Pabulum...LOL

Right Mike said...

this made my day
im gonna put somthin up on my blog fer u guys

Right Mike said...

BB look again i added more

Boston_Betty said...

Thanks, Mike...I just stopped by to check out the new addition but I think I'll have to wait until I get home from work to look at it more--ummmmm--closely! ;)

As it is, I've had to move my cursor pretty quickly over the pics here while I'm at my desk! LOL!