Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kenny Everett

A week with no posts - please don't say there's been a falling out in Chicago? Someone please put this distant cousin in the loop.

Maybe I can help things mend with this post.

I've just been crying with laughter watching this video.

Kenny Everett started his professional life as a DJ, and was on the staff of UK pirate Radio London, which broadcast from a ship in the English Channel in the mid-1960s. He had a really wacky sense of humour.

When Government legislation closed the pirates in 1967, Kenny moved to BBC radio, and in the 1980s also recorded some crazy comedy shows both for the BBC and for the independent broadcasters.

Kenny used his influence in the music world to promote Queen and was a major factor in their success. He became good friends with Freddie Mercury, and in 1995, like Freddie, he died of AIDS, aged just 50.

The character in this clip, Reg Prescott DIY "expert", is one of Kenny's regulars, along with punk rocker Sid Snot, and the spoonerised Cupid Stunt (how DID he get away with that one?) played with a blond wig, plastic bosom under a low-cut dress, and his beard still in place, as "her" catchphrase said "all in the best possible taste".

Don't watch this if your bladder or your stomach is full.

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