Friday, March 21, 2008

This Morning's Dream

That threw me out of bed...

I dreamed that I was taking a nice beach vacation...

With Hillary and Barack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they both were trying to sway me to vote for them.

I need my Snarkangel to medicate me.

P.S. Afraid to look at what I posted last Wednesday. Much Jaeger.

UPDATE: Oh, dear! Just looked. Sincerest apologies to all!

1 comment:

The Rug Goth said...

That makes sense... sad sense, but sense. My post was at least an hour after yours, which should have clued me in to the possibility of impairment.

Pretty bad timing though, can't say I'm feeling much of a muse, its been a rough haul working through my illness and supporting Tess in hers.

As I said before, such parties can easily get out of hand, and when they do, cause more harm than good.

Its such a perverse thing that people turn to alcohol to make them feel "better"- its like rubbing hot pepper sauce on a sunburn instead of lidocaine. It is a CNS depressant each time used (which being translated means... it makes you a dimwit!) and its over use can trigger clinical depression by altering the brain's chemistry.