Saturday, March 15, 2008

Victoria Wood

Possibly Britain's answer to Tom Lehrer, Victoria Wood is a talented comedian, comic writer and musician. Here's the best loved of her many comic songs.

She and Julie Walters - someone you're more likely to have heard of in the States because of her successful movie career - make a great team, and Victoria also wrote some terrific comedy roles for her friend in sketches in which she did not herself appear. Unfortunately, the best of these, the pants-peeingly funny "2 soups", in which she plays an ancient waitress with trembling hands and no memory, is only on YouTube in a version obviously recorded from the TV screen and unwatchable. So instead, here she is in her starring role as Mrs Overall, the cleaning lady in Acorn Antiques, a spoof soap from Victoria Wood's show.

Considering how attractive a woman Julie Walters is, she does a great line in very plain, aged women with humped shoulders. I think she's great.


SnarkAngel said...

I do LOVE humor from across the pond! I hope Rug Goth catches this. Thanks for the clip and background, Val.

Gunga Dean said...

What a hilarious way with a rhyme! I can now go to work a-smilin'.