Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chicago videos: The Gritty, the Beautiful and the Bizarre

Some of these I've posted to Multiply's video section, but I thought it'd be nice to post them together on the blogs.

Besides humor therapy, art therapy is a very important means of maintaining emotional/mental health, and this is the main art therapy I do besides the rugs.

These are all in the top quality Veoh version.  If you have problems with them, they're all at my Youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/Tourtruco

The gritty

Chicago- Red & Blue lines viewed from an alley in the rain
 I had my camera in a baggie and set to two stops over exposed, so this accounts for some of the fuzziness and distortion in the video... I think it adds to the grittiness.

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The Bizarre

Bizarre Chicago tableau- flowers and lunch meat in an alley

When I first saw this last night, it was in a shopping basket. I tried to take video of it this morning, but even at two stops over exposed, the alley was too dark for it to be really visible well. I may upload it at a later date if I think the dark dinginess is poignant enough to overcome the lack of visual clarity.

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Bizarre Chicago tableau- battered blender

Apparently this didn't make the margarita properly... I've heard of someone smashing cheap dishes to work out frustration, but a BLENDER?!

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And now some beauty

Chicago- Berger Park ice flow art 80304

After shooting the sunrise over Lake Michigan at Berger Park, I noticed how lovely the ice formations caused by the recent snow melt and rain were. My dogs make cameos, but as much as they love snow they hate ice.

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Chicago the Windy City- Sunrise over Lake Michigan at Berger Park

The wind was howling such that I don't even know that my stentorian voice is loud enough to be heard on the video. As I was walking the dogs, I was struck by the ferocious beauty of the view, and decided to roll the camera.

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SnarkAngel said...

I like the last vid. Edit it down, add the right music, and you could have the opening credits sequence for "Granville Girls." ... only on USA Network ... characters welcome. Especially with that very "Knots Landing" ending with the waves. LOL.