Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rug Goth and Spouse

Unfortunately, our very own Rug Goth and wife are still very much "under the weather. " RG believes his condition is just beginning to improve. He will keep me/us posted as he can. His videos, including the latest, are here: Let's all keep hoping and praying their health improves very, very soon!


val said...

Get well soon, guys.

Boston_Betty said...

Hopefully the warmth and vitality of spring will make you both feel better.

The Rug Goth said...

Thanks both of you, and thanks Snak for the mention!

I have been doing better these last few days, but I'm gonna give it a week before I am ready to say that this ordeal is behind me.

(And even then, I spent a "good" month out of commission, so I've a lot of stuff to catch up with.)

Tess is worse day by day... good thing we see her doctor Friday.

I have been "Back in Black" (and thus living up to the "goth" part of my appellation) the last 3 days, so hope to make it to the gathering Friday. So BB, bring along your old costume! If I'm not there, Snark can always drop it by my place sometime over the weekend.