Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Weekly Weill - Oh Heavenly Salvation

The Persuasions From September Songs. I think the Brecht/Weill piece is "Cantata"


SnarkAngel said...

You posted this one for God, didn't you?

Jerry1234 said...

Persuasions. I left the group in 2003. It took me 40 years, 22 albums & leaving The Persuasions to create the masterpiece of my
a cappella career. "Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town" You can hear it, watch us with Rod Stewart on The Katrina Benefit & purchase it and all my Persuasion cds at

Jerry1234 said...

sorry - somehow the opening sentence got deleted- I was saying that I am Jerry Lawson, former lead singer, arranger & producer of The Persuasions for 40 years.

Gunga Dean said...

I celebrity visitor! And on the week God started reading the blog. Welcome Jerry. BTW I have the CD from September Songs, Want The DVD and will be looking for your CD. I always liked this rendition.

And yes, Snarkangel. I was looking for the appropiate Weill for my meme this week.