Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And Later Today...

I got in one of K's sister's car for an excursion and looked down at my ankles and low and behold, there was Kerry. (I had successfully avoided assisting in unpacking the car knowing he lurked somewhere within.)

Sister sez: "I hope you're OK. I forgot he was down there!"

I sez: "Its OK. We are old friends."

We also finished decorating the palm tree. You may recall the pictures from last year of Kerry up on a ladder decorating it in black socks with sandals, bermuda shorts and white belt (faux pas due to lost luggage). Kerry always poured his heart and soul into decorating this tree. So we had a major tribute to pay. The first palm frond took us an hour. As we progressed we honed our technique and did the last frond in under 10 minutes. Lights, lights, and more lights. At night, you can now see it from the space station. We're labeling the tree tonight as "Kerry's Tree".

It is the marvel of Periwinkle Park. People have come by with tripods snapping photo's. Methinks, Kerry is pleased.

Catie's Shell update:

Banded Tulip
Drum Roll, Please!
At last, the tiniest Sanibel Wentletrap EVEH!!! (thank you, Maggie)

Also, on the aforementioned excursion I found a silver pendant of a Lighthouse. It spoke to me! I had to have it! It was triple marked down because...

It has the most obscene shape, due to the ill conceived placement of a scallop and a sand dollar at its base. Kerry is laughing.


SnarkAngel said...

We miss you, Gunga! When do you plan on coming back to the frozen tundra known as Chicagoland?

Gunga Dean said...

I will return("It comes back") Dec 31.

Just Catie said...

I will be at my house this NYE, doped up on vicodin....absent a significant other (cats don't count!) higher then a kite is the best way to spend the holidays....but WAIT, I will be ringing in the new year with new tits!!!

val said...

I remember that post so well, Dean. I hope Kerry wouldn't mind being remembered for it - it made me smile then, and the thought makes me smile now.

Gunga Dean said...

Wait til you see the tree!

Why followed Kerry's plan and then took it further.

Will post pic's soon!