Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sanibel - Day 7

Well. What I thought were insect bites has turned out to be sun poisoning. I have a feeling my face is going to peel off in one sheet today. I wonder what we will find underneath. Hopefully not TOO scary.

Woke up at 5:30 and walked down to the beach to watch sunrise. It was a beautiful morning. Tide was out. Found a few shells for Catie. So far shell cache includes:

Apple Murex
Paper Fig
Fighting Conch
Jewel Box
Alphabet Cone (I think)
Lightning Welk

But alas, no Sanibel Wentletrap. Kerry's sister has the market cornered on those. I seem to have lost my touch.

However. I am the only one sighting shooting stars. BTW Jupiter seems to be out every night extremely bright.

Schedule will be getting intense soon. Thursday Christmas, Friday Kerry's parents' 60th anniversary, and Saturday we scatter Kerry's ashes in the surf at sunset.

Needless to say I am getting more and more emotional from this point forward. I now tear up for rustling palms. The distant call of mourning doves bring on full fledge waterworks.

But still doing OK. The A' sisters are holding me together. And I'd rather be a wreck here than that frigid snowy wasteland of Chicago. Though the Chicago / Farwell Avenue beach should be pretty spectacular with ice pilings by now.


val said...

I wish you strength for the days ahead. And a face to - er - face them with.

Boston_Betty said...

Hang in there, Dean...and Merry Christmas!

SnarkAngel said...

I hear they can do wonders with face transplants nowadays!

Just Catie said...

Your face cannot look as tragic as my left breast and just think, by this time next week, I will have TWO wicked scary looking frankentits!! BTW, the boys at the evil are talking about a coming out party for the "new and improved" (read downsized) girls sometime this spring or early summer. If they don't rot and fall off first, it might be quite the show...LOL Hang in there doll, think about you every day and miss the hell out of a certain bald headed guy who could insult the hell out of me and still make me love him.