Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween at Catie's

...and a wonderful time was had by all! Thank you Catie!

I think this was, however, the beginning and the end of Bob's drag career!


Right Mike said...

Lmao thats great. This year i was nothing for halloween as my friend was sick, we were spost to be the blues brothers ha

SnarkAngel said...

Sorry to hear about your buddy, Mike. But the good thing about NOT doing a costume one year is that you can save it for next year. Happy "belated" Halloween! And congrats to our own Boston Betty who won first prize as "Spock" in a neighborhood costume contest! Goooooooooo, Betty! Thanks, also to my Betty and hubby for the ciggie indulgences and special thanks to Catie and roomie Becky for hosting Halloween this year!

-SnarkAngel- (a/k/a "Satan," LOL)

Right Mike said...

I think im going to be Vladimir Illionovich Lenin next year i mean 'cough obama cough cough'

Gunga Dean said...

I take lovely photos, you betcha!

Just Catie said...

Thank you all for making the party a success and for not hitting my roomie.......LOL