Friday, November 7, 2008

Let the Backlash Begin!

After years of coordinated, religion-backed hatred and abuse of the gay community, it looks like the LGBT community of California has had enough. Could this be the beginning of Stonewall II?


SnarkAngel said...

It will take a whole BUNCH of Stonewall-like episodes before the majority is convinced that the right to same-sex marriage should be granted by the state, regardless of what various "religions" declare.

val said...

At the very least, why can't folks leave other folks alone to please themselves, when they aren't harming anyone? Why do they think we all have to live our lives their way? After all, no-one's trying to force them into same sex marriages. What business is it of theirs who someone else wants to marry?

I was going to add, unless there are kids involved, but these kinds of people think being gay is the same as being a paedophile.