Monday, November 17, 2008


One of the BIG messages to come out of Saturday's rally and march at Federal Plaza (and similar rallies all over the country) was that SUPPORTERS of Proposition 8 (and anti-gay legislation LIKE Prop. 8) should be boycotted. The religious right, after all, has been doing it for years, boycotting companies like Disney, etc., for ANYTHING they do that might be construed as positive to/for the LGBT community. Well, folks, the sword cuts both ways. This coming Saturday, November 22nd, I urge all those opposed to Proposition 8 and similar legislation, to join us in an organized protest at the Century/Cinearts Theaters in Evanston.

The reason for the protest, kicking off the boycott, is simple. The Century and Cinearts theaters are owned by Cinemark and Cinemark has a Utah resident by the name of Alan Stock as its C.E.O. Dear old Alan donated $9,999 to the "Yes on 8" initiative. It's time we sent Cinemark, and corporations like Cinemark, a message they can comprehend: we will NOT support those who wish to deny civil rights to the LGBT community.

So join us on Saturday, Nov. 22nd, at 5:00 p.m. at 1715 Maple Avenue in Evanston and let Cinemark know that not even a midnight screening of "Pink Flamingos" can save their sorry asses now! You can also post your thoughts about Century/Cinearts ownership here:

"Oh, this is no ordinary protest, Cotton! I smell deep, dark trouble!"

The theaters are accessible via the Red Line to Howard; transfer to the Purple Line; exit at the Davis Street station.
Walk a short distance N on Benson Ave.
Turn left on Church St.
Walk a short distance W on Church St.
Turn right on Maple Ave.
Walk a short distance N on Maple Ave.
Total walking is 0.15 miles.


Boston_Betty said...

I'll be there with you, Snark! Another friend of mine will probably be joining us. If we can gfenerate a fraction of the number of people that attended Saturday, we'll do fantastic!

The bigots are getting very upset by the boycotts and protests..."how dare those uppity queens fight back!"

SnarkAngel said...

I think Catie wants to join us, too!

Boston_Betty said...

Excellent! The more the merrier!

...and the more effective!


Just Catie said...

I WILL BE THERE with bells on and a buzz going....LOL