Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh Delicious irony!!!

I'll keep this brief, but James Dobson's (You know, you may have read about his creepy shower festish from an earlier post) Focus on the Family, after dumping $500,000.00 dollars into Proposition 8, is getting ready to announce another round of layoffs today, amid budget cuts at the so-called 'ministry!' Maybe they should've taken the gays' advice and focused on their own damn families! Isn't Karma lovely!???
It's even better than I first thought! Focus On The Family announced that it has layed off 200 Bible-Beating Bigots...ummmmm, employees. It was by far the biggest blood-letting (..and not the soul redeeming blood of Christ type, either!) in the group's 31 years of spreading intolerance! The reasons cited for the layoffs were the economy and declining contributions. Gosh, imagine if instead of donating over $500,000.oo to Prop 8, they'd actually used that money to 'focus on the families' of their employees? Well, no matter...I'm sure over the approaching holidays all these jobless nitwits can feast on the knowledge that they helped destroy the families of gays and lesbians all over California. Perhaps that knowledge will keep them warm...but let's hope the bastards freeze under their Christmas trees anyway after the lump of coal Dobson just dropped in their stockings is used up!


SnarkAngel said...

He really is an ugly, sick, filthy bastard, isn't he? We need to visit his church and soak the entire place with our very own saliva!!!

Just Catie said...

I think you should all line up and just proposition him.......LOL

and THEN turn him down when temptation is just too much for him to bear........LOL

SnarkAngel said...

I love the way your twisted brain works, Catie dear. And Betty, you are soooooooooooooo a righteous evil bitch. Are you my long-lost twin?

SnarkAngel said...

The woes of the religious right nut jobs continue: Oral Roberts University, amid the scandal surrounding its former president Richard Roberts, is laying off 100 of its employees (10% of its work force). Oh well, maybe they'll get themselves another billionaire to bail them out AGAIN, but somehow, I doubt it. *sniff, sniff*