Friday, January 25, 2008

A nice time was had by all / If you're in Chicago, look for me in Sunday's Trib- H&G

After months of urging from Snark, I finally made it down to a meeting of the "Granville Girls' Club" at the Anvil, of course taking my dogs along. They were big hits... though they kept trying to go around the bar to be with Snark and Frankie, and... true to the breed slogan "Having a papillon means never having to go to the bathroom alone"... tried to accompany anyone who went to answer Nature's Call.
Buried at
(I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but it was fun!)

I'd met Snark once before, but it was nice meeting Frankie and GungaDean... hope we can make it down there more often on Fridays. I can't promise I'll stay a lot later, but it was fun. Staying out till 11 is pretty unusual for me these days. I usually get up at 5am, as by 6, Tess usually needs her first injection, and by 8, she's in "dark quiet room" hellish pain.)

Plus... bar's aren't exactly the natural environment of the introvert, so there's only so long I can be in one before I need to see the sky, feel the breeze (even if it is a -20 windchill breeze coming off the lake), etc.
  • ***gasp*** He didn't
  • He did
  • He isn't
  • He is.... *grin*
Yes, believe it or not, for all my loquacity, for all willingness to talk with anyone anywhere about anything, I'm an introvert. Contrary to popular perception, introverts aren't misanthropes, but we do find crowds draining. The way I handled it as a pastor was to imagine the congregation as a collective singular. I highly commend that technique to anyone who has to do a public speaking event... its much better than imagining everyone in their underwear... especially if you have as wild and crazy an imagination as I do! *grin*

Hope you guys have something big planned for Mardis Gras, but if you do... please don't pay retail for cosmetics... there's just no need. For one night's use, even the cheap stuff from U'NJoy will work fine (they have some really wild lipsticks and nail polish for 99 cents each, mascara for 2 bucks.) If you are more in the mode I'm in, you'll want higher quality for daily wear so it doesn't ruin your skin or flake off into your eyes, but Ulta's house brands are as good as any for half the price.

AS for the Trib... I hope I'm not counting my chickens too early, but I wrote in a letter in response to their bride's maid dress article to tell them how my rug craft can be used to get good out of old clothes you can't wear but can't part with either, and they asked permission to run the letter and print a picture. I submitted three- one of the rug I made to celebrate our marriage made up of the clothes we wore when wooing 13 years ago, one of my leather shoe/blue jean rug, and one of my umbrella/plastic shopping bag rug.

Anyway, thought I'd mention it now, since tomorrow I need to recover from today's craziness, and get ready for my all day Anatomy and Physiology class which kicks off Sunday.

Finally, here's some artsy videos I shot last time I was back in Indiana visiting my mother in Indianapolis.

Puppies and the porch
We got to visit my mother just in time for a major winter storm. Good for her- I was there to shovel, drive her around, etc., and good for the puppies... they got to romp.I shot this in B&W as I was trying to conserve memory space on my card/computer, and it lends a nice artistic touch.

Online Videos by
Snow circles... not due to aliens, but papillon
This is another artsy B&W I shot back in Indy as my papillon enjoyed being able to run free (amok?)

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Time lapse B&W- Birds at a bird feeder in a snow storm
And finally, a time lapse B&W of the birds flitting around the birdfeeder right outside my mother's picture window.

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val said...

Cats and dogs are so different in the snow. Whereas dogs dive in and have lots of fun, cats carefully lift their feet as high as they can to walk, then come back in the same pawprints.

SnarkAngel said...

The dogs romping in the snow is great stuff. I love the one where they are chasing one another in a circle. Too cute. Glad you got to stop by last night. Maybe the next time you pop in, Boston Betty will be around, too. Good luck with the Sunday all-day class!

The Rug Goth said...

Snark... I have many more such, its just a matter of finding the time to sift through the 10 gigs of video I shot at my mothers... and that amounts to even more time on camera than it sounds, as I shot a great deal of it in B&W or lower frame rate so I could preserve action, memory, or stories with the least necessary use of memory.

Val- yes, my mother has a cat (I think I have a video somewhere of the dogs chasing her the previous time we were back) and she refuse to go in the yard in the snow. She crept along the foundation of the house, round and round, moeowrying her discontent.