Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rachel Maddow!!

Just made me spit up my coffee with a hearty laugh. My capture of her comment:

"Mitt Romney bragging he won in Nevada is like bragging you were valedictorian while omitting that you were home schooled."

(Mitt was the only Repub actively campaigning in Nevada.)

MSNBC, Please give her a show! Take an hour from Tucker Dickhead or Tweety Matthews and give Rachel Maddow a show.


SnarkAngel said...

Okay, Gunga. I get it. You want me to write another letter. Done!

Boston_Betty said...

At least the good news is, that with McCain taking SC, his campaign may get more backing and Flippity Mitt's may crash and burn in the South! Huckabee slammed Romney today by saying he and McCain had a civil campaign against eachother without Mitt's negative shit!

As far as Tucker Carlson goes, what an absolute waste of a penis! God bless Jon Stewart for slapping that little bow-tied bumkissing dousche down on Crossfire that time and getting it cancelled in the process! Anything that got Tucker and Bob Novak off the air was a good thing!

By the way, does anyone know who it was that broke the window at Gino's last night?

Boston_Betty said...

Oh yeah...almost forgot; wouldn't Rachel Maddow have been really hot if she was a dude?

SnarkAngel said...

Oh Betty, cute as a girl, cute as a boy. . . it's nice to have options! LOL

val said...

Nice one.