Monday, January 28, 2008


January through September 2007: 1000 Hits
September thru December 2007: 1000 Hits
January 2008: 1000 Hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woohoo! Who let the dogs out.... (sorry, pathetic and Romneyesquishitty?


SnarkAngel said...


Right Mike said...

haha, that was funny,
hearing my unlce say omg makes me laugh my ass off!

SnarkAngel said...

I like it better when he says OMFG!

Gunga Dean said...

Still with us, eh? The both of you!

The Rug Goth said...

The Daily Show had lots of fun with Mittsy saying that, and the "Bling" one... why oh why do people do this? I might as well try to dance, or discuss sports other than the Indy 500. Have some dignity... reminds me of Zappa's classic "Dancin' Fool." (Yes... everything reminds of Zappa, South Park, or Python!)

To be fair though, Hilldog is just as pathetic when she goes into the south, Baptist churches, rural places and tries to "go local." Makes me want to take spoon and jam it up my... (if you've heard the Lewis Black skit, you know where this is going... if not, your loss.)

South Park did a great job mocking Hillary's lame attempts in this regard in the "snuke" episode.

Boston_Betty said...

Romney's "dogs out" and "bling, bling" comments were absolutely revolting as they were stupid! What a pandering rumpswab! I really, REALLY detest this man...and, if for some reason he does actaully get the nomination and win the White House, I believe it will be the end of the Republican Party once and for all, if not the country!

Just Catie said...

But everyone HAS to agree this is a fun year to watch!

Right Mike said...

yes it is
full of political dumb shits
with the exception
of Ron Paul and John Edwards