Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snark... how could you?! *grin*

When I walk my dogs, I'm always on the lookout for things destined for landfills for which we might have use. Usually its clothing, old bed sheets, etc., for me to use in rugs, but sometimes...

I expanded my search radius a bit today and crossed the street over to the Snarky side of Granville.

This hat was sitting on a dumpster outside Chez Snark.

Snark oh snark... how could you part with such an item?

I'll bring it to the Anvil Friday so you can be reunited with this splendid bit of haberdashery.

(Tess, jennet that she is, was trying to get me to wear it to Spanish class today, but class got canceled.)

The welder's helmet under it was one I bought for a Halloween costume years ago where I wanted to be walking Dada. It was probably my favorite costume of all time! Here's a picture of us from then... many years and pounds and gray hairs ago. The belly dancer outfit Tess has on is the real deal, I ordered it from Turkey for her, and she does bellydance. ... Sadly, it doesn't fit her anymore, but I used it win first prize at a costume contest a year ago.


SnarkAngel said...

Had I actually owned that hat, I would have delivered it to you personally. LOL. But since I've been in lovely, scenic Lombard all week, I will have to admit that the lovely subject item was not my own. Nevertheless, I'm flattered that you dumpster-dived at ten-five-five. With over 150 apartments in my building, the variety has GOT to be incredible. And most precious is the picture of you and Tess. I LOVE the fact that you share each other's outfits! You truly are a couple that shares EVERYTHING! And you both look fabulous doing so!

See you soon. I'll be back on the set of Granville Girls sometime tomorrow (Friday) afternoon . . .

The Rug Goth said...

Thanks... as has been remarked... we deserve each other, *grin*

I think I'll wear the hat tonight... see if I can find someone who needs it for Mardi Gras.

You missed out though... the snow was blowing in off Lake Michigan like a sand blaster. I took the pups down this morning, camera in hand of course.