Thursday, January 17, 2008

Multiple Mitt Flip Flopney Caught in Another Lie

While trying to put down his rival candidates because of their ties to lobbyists, Mitt Romney got his ass handed to him by veteran campaign reporter Glen Johnson. In addition to the lobbyist named, Ron Kaufman, turns out closer scrutiny by the minute is revealing more lobbyists in cahoots with Romney's campaign, including former senator, Jim Talent! Watch Romney try to squirm out of this one!


Right Mike said...

Mr. Mitt Romney running for official douche bag of the U.S.
I'm tired of this guy.
and now hes taking interviews in a Staples that kinda sad.
Oh yes, I looked up that summer camp, I need a job first. unless i get a winning lottery ticket i don't really have $1,200 dollars lying around.

Boston_Betty said...


I know, shit's always so damned expensive. There might be some venues, however, for you to get the money if you really want to go. Talk to your school guidance counseler or whomever advises students on getting funds for college. Also, you might check out your local VFW post, church and other organizations like the Elks. Contact Norwich Directly and they may even be willing to grant you some assistance or recommend additional sources. Norwich alumni are very gung ho and always supportive of good, perespective students. $1,200 may seem insurmountable, but with just a few of the right connections, you could have the funds before you know it.

SnarkAngel said...

HA! HA! HA! HA! Brought down in an office supply store! LMFAO!!! Love how he gets all defensive. What a tardo-turd. Stick one of those ballpoint pens (behind you) up your behind, Mittens! He makes me wanna go buy a bottle of "white-out," so I can white-out this turd of whiteness.

Boston_Betty said...
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Boston_Betty said...

Bet Mittens wishes he'd had one of those "EASY BUTTONS" just then, eh? Gotta hand it to the reporter though, riding around on Mitt's junket, stop after stop, day after day, listening to the same, tired shit from Romney bitching about others having lobbyists on their campaign staffs and then seeing Mitt huddle with his own lobbyists day after day after the cameras stopped rolling...he just must've snapped and said, 'enough of the lies, you asshole!' Mitt, of course, having been caught red-handed in a lie, immediately reverted to his usual prickish, 'how dare you call me out, you press peon! Don't you know you're supposed to just sit there and be my stenographer?" Imperious asshole!

Right Mike said...

He's so dumb he wouldn't know how to press the damn thing. This is flip flop boy with and easy button "Durr, whats this doo?"