Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain goes jihad on Romney's flip flopping ass!

...and nothing hurts more than the truth, eh, Mittens?

Proof positive that this pandering asshole has no shame!


The Rug Goth said...

It was a great speech... he was cordial and affectionate towards Huck and Rudy, but on Mittsy... not so.

The small government talk was music to my ears of course, and I understand why he's making his case as the true heir of Reagan, but I wish he weren't using the "c" word as much.

The most troubling thing though was... after I'd watched Fox and CNN (hey, what can I say, I'm a junkie) I turned on MSNBC, and there PAN's "favorite" commentator- "Tweety Bird" was suggesting he was gonna ask the Huckster to be veep.

Now there's a conundrum... 'eh? ;<

(And as for Mittsy... yeh, he's been flopping around like a catfish just pulled on to land. Had he not tried to run to the right, and just embraced his social liberalism and political pragmatism... he could have been the GOP's very white, very northern, very rich equiv. of Bill Clinton, who was/is also a relentless campaigner and thorough going Machiavellian pragmatist.)

SnarkAngel said...

Just think how easy it was for McCain's peeps to put THAT ad together! LOL

Boston_Betty said...

I'm surprised ads like this didn't come out while Romney was throwing all his negative campaign shit out there in Iowa and New Hampshire!

Just Catie said...

I heard in the last debate that the mittster actually praised the likes of Justice Thomas....any doubts about his sanity, or lack thereof, totally put to rest, as should his campaign.

val said...

How does he have the nerve to lie about his former stated opinions when they are there for all to see?

SnarkAngel said...

I think poor Mitt suffers from multiple personality disorder. Can someone say "Sybil Romney?"