Friday, January 4, 2008

40,000 Iowans Vote Theocracy In America

40,000 vote for the schmuckster Huckabee!

Watch Republican heads explode here!

John Aravosis at AmericaBlog nails it:

Republicans never liked or embraced the religious right. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and the men at the Concerned Women for America were convenient tools, foils, for the GOP to get out the vote of the speaking-in-tongues wing of the Republican party. But when it came to the substance of the religious right's message - an overwhelming desire to federally regulate your orgasm - most Republicans politely coughed and looked the other way. Well it seems the days of polite indifference to political extremism are finally over. Hallelujah.

Amen to that, brother! "Reaping" and "Sowing", I believe its called, in Biblespeak!

The poor old Mittster Romney of flip flop fame flamed out. Just couldn't buy the votes he needed, I guess. We'll see how well he shops in New Hampshire.

On another note, one of my favorites, Chris Dodd, has dropped out. I like him for taking a stand on preserving our constitution. There's not many of them like that left here in America.

Oh, and Bloviatin' Biden is out, too. At least the bleeding in my ears may has stopped.

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Ahhhh, Gunga! Good to see you up and about and feeling so frisky! Especially after last night! LOL