Friday, January 18, 2008

Introducing... me, Listig aka the Rug Goth (thanks for the invite Snark!)

Hello all,
I wanted to thank Snark for inviting me to be a contributor to this fine raucous blog, and say a few words of introduction.

I too live in the far northside of Chicago- Snark's posted a number of my videos of street life and events in the area over the months, and that's how he and I became acquainted.

I am a "breeder"- married 12 years- but culturally, politically, and religiously I'm thoroughly eclectic and idiosyncratic. Indeed, last spring the "Broken Heart of Rogers Park" featured a picture of me with my papillon dogs the day the local stores had their liquor licenses revoked IDing me as "Kent the big gay dog walker" due to my rather unique mode of attire. I took it as a compliment and laughed at the South Park reference (my wife and I are HUGE fans of it.) While I have my own views and practices, I don't begrudge anyone else theirs, nor belabor my own. We each try to live according to our "inner Dao." The world would be a boring place were everyone like I am, and one filled with insufferable bibliophiles whose capacity for loquacity, pomposity, and arrogance knows no bounds.

I've been married 12 years. My wife and I met in theological grad school. Long story there, and one I don't intend to iterate here... if you care, email me, or read my multiply blog ( for the background there. The point is- Neither one of us in that vocation now, nor are there any plans to return to it in any official formal capacity. I'm training to be a nurse, she's disabled from teaching theology, Biblical languages, and modern languages. Her disability is daily chronic migraines which is what brought us to Chicago, as the world's best headache clinic is here. We love the city for its location on the lake, its cultural and ethnic diversity, and mass transit. As for its confiscatory tax rates and inbred political culture... thats probably something for a future post!

My nickname on Blogger- "The Rug Goth" is one I chose because my blogger blog: - is solely dedicated to popularizing and teaching the ancient craft of naalbidning which is more commonly known as "toothbrush rug making" because the preferred needle for decades has been an old toothbrush with the head chopped off and the shaft sharpened to a tip like a prisoner's shank. I keep all other matters off that blog because I have a lot of interests, opinions, etc. which people who make the rugs may not care about, share, etc., and I don't want to dissuade them from the craft over what they think of me.

What's really wonderful about this craft is that it is a way to recycle worn and stained clothes, runned pantyhose, shopping bags, etc. into rugs without any use of fossil fuels. These rugs are beautiful and commonly last decades. Its the epitome of "think globally, act locally." (Yes, one of my political quirks is that I am an ardent environmentalist.) Its also so easy to do that a klutz like myself can do it, and do it well.

I get into other issues more over on multiply, and most posts are open for anyone to read, though I've tended to go light on the political talk because about 1/2 my main friends are outside the States, and quite a number of others haven't particularly cared for some of my views (such as opposing school prayer, "in God we trust" etc... they have a hard time with the idea that a former pastor and ardent believer could be that way.) They're dear folk none the less, they've been very supportive to me and my wife Tess, so... I find other things to talk about there. The only time when I'm at a loss for words is when I'm comatose, so its really no problem.

I think this suffices for now. I'll chime in with a "real post" when the time is right. Thanks again Snark!


val said...

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm struggling with online videos at the moment - they play for two seconds then pause for 15, so I haven't been able to watch them. think it's time for a defrag.

The Rug Goth said...

Thanks- I hear that a lot from folks. I even have that problem when I try to view my own online. I've had the best chance viewing the ones I upload directly to my multiply page- my best guess is that they have a lot less demand on their servers than Youtube does.

The problem with both Youtube and Multiply is they limit uploads to 100meg in the format in which I shoot (.ASF), so I've taken to uploading my longer videos to The feedback I've heard on them is that the quality is dramatically higher, which people especially appreciate when I'm doing my rug tutorials.

My "curmudgeon amok in Chicago" series where I walk or drive around taking video and making comments series at Veoh are grouped at

(Sadly, my PC is a dinosaur, so it doesn't have the horsepower to convert or remix the videos.)

SnarkAngel said...