Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It was close, but Romney gets 'the bird' in Florida!

Thank God! Maybe there's hope for Florida Republicans afterall!


Listig said...

I'm pleased and impressed the spread was as large as it was, since Florida's a very closed primary, only Repubs could vote.

I'm sad to see my guy, Rudy, go down in flames, but I'm glad to hear he's going to toss his support to Mac. Not only is there hope for Florida Repubs, but for the GOP as a whole.

Mitt's a chameleon, Huck... preaches on churches and wants to impose his "values" on the nation, but Mac... he's a genuine hero, he's clearly not beholding to party power brokers... I've not always agreed with every vote he's cast, but he's the best I've seen in the GOP since (hushed reverent voice) R.R.

Boston_Betty said...

I'm actually sorry to see Giuliani out of the race too. Socially speaking, he was more in tune with America's social values as a whole, than the right wing, Bibble beater fringe. I'll take McCain if I have to take a Republican...maybe even Huckabee, if he can keep his Bible and the Constitution seperate, but Romney's just plain friggin' evil...I'm talking, Star Wars villain evil: as I'll prove in a moment!

Listig said...

Well... as one who escaped the evils of the church by the skin of his teeth (I tell some of the story on my blog, but it was pretty vile... including a pastor claiming Tess' migraines were not a medical condition but a spiritual one caused by unconfessed sin), I know too well the evil which is done by those who are convinced they are on a mission from God.

We've been more hurt by those who claimed to be acting in God's name or by His command than by agnostics, Hindus, Moslems, wiccans, Mormons, and klingons put together!