Friday, February 29, 2008

A site and podcast for ya'll & youse guys, "Reasonable Doubts- Your skeptical guide to religion"

The blog/site is and I highly commend it.

I came across this on a great site to which I go often, It has a collection of all sorts of media (print, video, audio, photographic) which is freely available and freely usable, usually under the "creative commons license." Were I to go into the details and history of the "open source software / shared knowledge" movement, I'd put the makers of sominex out of business and crash PaN's page stats, but suffice to say, if you're a free thinking libertarian, classical Jeffersonian Liberal type, you ought to know about this, and you will love it. The most famous outgrowth of this is the operating system LINUX, which totally blows Windows away in security, functionality, quality of code, etc.

This is Episode 4 on the separation of church & state (maybe this'll explain us yanks to ya Val... or maybe you should just drink a black and tan and give up, *grin*) which is described thusly by the authors/bloggers:

Join us for a discussion with Eddie Tabash current chair of the national legal committee of Americans United for separation of Church and State as well as the Council for Secular Humanism's First Amendment Task Force. In addition to his better known role as an official campaign speaker and debater for numerous presidential candidates (including Bill Clinton & Jimmy Carter) Tabash is also a professional counter-apologist having debated such world famous Christian philosophers as: Peter van Inwagen, Greg Bahnsen, William Lane Craig and Richard Swinburne on the existence of God. In an extended interview, Tabash discusses a wide-range of topics: from disarming the arguments of Christian philosophers to the "unholy alliance" between the religious right and the postmodern academic left. The show concludes with a disturbing glimpse at the difference just one Supreme Court justice could make for American secularists...and the very real possibility that we may be on the verge of a theocratic America.

Click the play button below to listen, or go to the blog page for this episode.

Interestingly they talk of Barna's research... when I was of the Borg, Barna was the great oracle.


SnarkAngel said...

Thanks for the link, RG! I went to the home page, as well, and discovered a variety of interesting stuff. Of course, I LOVED the video: "Everyone is Going to Hell!" Hilarious!

The Rug Goth said...

Somehow I knew it'd go over well with this crowd. I even posted the link over on my mothballed multiply blog, since I'm not channeling the ghost of Soren Kierkegaard these days.

Anonymous said...

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