Saturday, February 23, 2008

The listig really goes on and on and on and on.... and why I'm not a hypocrite for blasting Obama's 45 minute speech

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I'd put too much into the one post on my father and xenophobia last night. I am reworking it into two, and will post them presently.

In my defense of my criticism of Obama... when I was a pastor, I was famous for my 12-20 minute sermons when my colleagues were preaching for twice that length. Listening to one of my sermons was like being hit by a hurricane. If people weren't white-knuckled and hyperventilating by the end, then I was off my game.

I operated on the premise that TV has conditioned us to a 12 minute to 20 minute attention span before a "commercial break." So I limited myself to making ONE point and making it very very well.

In writing, its a different story. Honestly though, even there brevity is the soul of wit... but it takes more time and effort than I have to go through the sort of boiling down and editing process that I put my sermons through. I put 30 - 60 minutes of prep into every minute of delivered sermon. That way when I shot off my Gatling gun mouth, every word-bullet was a bullseye. ... In writing, however, I give myself more liberty, and maybe every other word is bull-s... instead of a bullet. *grin*

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