Sunday, February 24, 2008

Message to Ralph Nader

EAT SH%T, you GD, EgoManiacal, Attention Whore!
(and you poor deluded souls who votes for this moron who thinks their votes are making some kind of difference.)

That's all.


SnarkAngel said...

Honey! Ya sound like ya need a cocktail! I'm heading over to see Boris shortly. He is working, isn't he? I slipped and fell on the ice today (right on my hip) and I could use a little "pain releevah!"

Boston_Betty said...


Hope you're okay. We were at Ginos earlier with our neighbor. The girl bartender was on..don't know her name, unfortunately. The bar was full of str8 guys, including one ultra hottie! Yum. I told Bob I would have to break our vows if he was 'family!' Stopped over at Anvil's and I was acosted by a genuine trol, so we moved seats! Karen, our neighbor, did genuinely appreciate the movie, "Broke Straight Boys," though. :)

While Mikey would have thought it was 'disgusting,' we certainly enjoyed it...even the straight girl!

SnarkAngel said...

LOL! Sounds like a blast! The female bartender, I believe, was Anna. Her roomie, Cindy, also works there now. But I am sure that Boris told me Anna worked the earlier shift today. He also told me about the str8t boys, Lake Michigan "surfers," who were having a fabulous time! Okay . . . Anvil . . . a/k/a "Under the Bridge," a/k/a "Slags and Fags," a/k/a "Trailer Bar," a/k/a "The Swill and the Swine" . . . trolls . . . Trolls . . . TROLLS!!!!!!!! LOL! I know you could NOT have been surprised! What did ya think about the fountain at Gino's? Pretty cool, huh? Love it! More uplighting is planned for the statue. And it sounds like I have to meet this "Karen." Perhaps you can convince her to pop in on a Friday night with you two when SnarkAngel is lusting after Vincent and snarking on everyone else! LOL.

Boston_Betty said...


Karen's pretty cool and I definiteley think she's granville Girl material. Stevie made her feel very welcome, so I think she'll come back with us..she'd LOVE you and Frankie!!! She was the one I'd mentioned whose cat died at 20 years of age. This was kind of a 'toast to Zach Kitty' night! She's a teacher and really cool...I would have loved to introduced her to Michigan surfer boy!!!

Anyway, onto Nader...that droopy eyed-sack-o'-shit!!! Where the fuck was he during the debates? He's like the drunken, smelly prick who shows up at the end of an otherwise great party! Sad thing is, for such an 'outsider' his bid is always paid for by Republicunts, just like the Green Party candidate in Pennsylvania in 2006, Carl Romanelli, who was bakrolled by Republicans hoping to siphon away votes to get Rick 'Man-on'Dog' Santorum re-elected!!! Romanelli was removed from the ballot because the courts obviously saw what was going on and removed this asshole from the ballot, which the Greens called a "serious blow to democracy and fair and open elections."

Such a pity that the problem was he was backed not so much by the actual people he was supposedly running for, but rather a financed plant by the party against everything the Green Party supposedly stood for! Same thing for this Nader asshole, whose 15 minutes of fame were over a long time ago!

I'm the first to agree we need a third party, but its time these 'agents of change' started forming a real party instead of swooping in at the 11th hour and shitting in the broth of an already smelly election!

Boston_Betty said...

Oh yes...the fountain...made me want to pee a lot.

Just Catie said...

I guess you do not want to hear that Ralph and I share a birthday? Wed. Feb. 27 bdays includes yours truly, Liz Taylor (she gets MUCH better gifts) and Ralph.....who knew?

SnarkAngel said...

Happy Birthday, Love! No shame in sharing a birthday with Nerdy Nader. Hee. Especially since 'tis the same day as La Liz! I share my birthday with David Cassidy and David Letterman. LOL.

Fishpaw said...

Poor, poor, pitful man. What lengths one goes to in order to keep their name in the news.

He offers nothing new, just the same old narcisistic idealism as before,

What a laugh, what a barf


SnarkAngel said...

I know, Fishpaw. Next he'll be trying to force himself into one of the many, varied, and explosive plot lines of "Granville Girls!" I expect you have your red pencil sharpened and ready!

The Rug Goth said...

Happy birthday, Catie!

As for Ralphie boy... too bad he doesn't realize the 60s have been over for 37 years or so!