Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pictures from Just Catie's birthday party at Gino's


Thumbnails- click for full sized

No text this time

Except... those of you who were there and heard me talk about Tess and her migraines, William F. Buckley Jr., etc- ... you know now why I use fonts and colors... I use those to try to convey the same complex intonation and other verbal gymnastics I use when speaking... to give my written text the same "color" and intensity I have when speaking *grin*

Happy Birthday Catie,
it was great to meet you
fun to be with the others!


Just Catie said...

Thank you so much for coming.......I had a joyous bday......and a drunk one to boot

SnarkAngel said...

RG, what a lovely and fitting birthday present for our dear Catie! Great photos, and equally enjoyable company! And hey . . . if ya wanna be a font whore, then BE A FONT WHORE! LOL! So use that color and that intensity and know that no matter what, we love ya!

The Rug Goth said...

I figure if I post a few more vlogs here of me talking and ranting... it'll give the context for why I go to such efforts to use typographical elements to represent the way I "sound."

Tess and I have always been odd that way... we write as we speak, and we speak as we write. In Bio I was leading a group of people preparing for a presentation, and they were astounded by how I could speak of ductless glands one minute, and use a colorful colloquialism the next... well, that's who I am.

As per our conversations last night, Buckley always stayed high brow, Bill M. stays low... I mix the two with wanton abandon.