Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still ruggin' and gothin'

Howdy all... have ya missed me? Well good, me too !!!

My life's been such a "Jane, stop this crazy thing... " ride I've been rather preoccupied with just living life. But I have been getting back into blogging at Multiply, so thought I'd put in a cameo here.

Lately I've given myself more over to artistic endeavors. For example, this picture comes from a post of pictures of frost on my mother's flowers I just put up at multiply.
easter frost 1b 014 FX

These are two videos I shot today and posted. The first is of Jerel, a homeless fellow who sleeps in the portajohn outside my building by night, then guards his stash of treasures outside Snark's dumpsters by day. The second is a video I shot down at Berger Park.

Update 5/17 - Veoh kludged the code, the videos should be viewable now.

Didn't see Jerel outside Snark's this morning, so maybe he finally found "a place for his stuff."

Online Videos by

Online Videos by

This is my latest rug. Its made from a sheet I cut up while waiting for the prof to grade my final, and finished a week later.

As for me and Tess... best to just refer you to these posts over on Multiply:
Beyond that... well, its all over at

I'm not sure I have anything particular to add here at the moment, nor the inner drive to find such. Life has so much innate pathos and pain that though I'm no less sardonic or verbose than ever, I'm tending to focus on matters more upbuilding and self-affirming. Tess is still wracked with daily migraine pain, politicians are still crapping out the wrong orifice... so what else is new? A sale at Payless or a striking sky over Lake Michigan get my juices flowing, but very little else does.

Hope to see ya around at the Anvil (since my classes are over for an extended period of time, maybe I can actually make it) or over at my multiply blog (since your fingers aren't broken the same holds true, *grin*)


Boston_Betty said...

Hello Goth,

Welcome back! Hope you and the Mrs--and those adorable Papillions--are doing well.

The Rug Goth said...

Thanks. I meant to bring the paps over to the Anvil last night, but I crashed HARD after Tess' shot Friday.

Snark had talked about trying to get a gang together to visit her some Sunday AM. That's plausible now that I'm out of class, and probably will be the rest of year the way it looks.